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How Bad Are Calories From Liquor?


I'm currently cutting and have been on a very strict, clean diet. I've long since cut soda, beer, fast food, and processed crap out of my diet, but one unnecessary thing remains: liquor.

I happened to drink a little over half a fifth of Crown Royal last night (about 400ml), which is 860 kcals. But, since alcoholic calories can't be stored and are processed weird by the human body, does this mean that the actual caloric effects of alcohol are far less than that?

Thanks for the input.


Everyone is going to give me shit for referencing a bb.com article, but take a look at it anyway.


Essentially, your fat metabolism shuts down.


What?! I don't want to stop drinking whiskey.



It's settled. I'm not drinking until I'm done cutting.


haha so whats worse 6 shots of vodka 1:1 with pomegranite juice or smoking weed and getting a beef and potato burrito at taco bell?


7 calories per gram of alcohol. But really who counts calories when you're out with the boys?


I would definitely say the latter. Weed makes you stupid and inhibits your cardiovascular system, and that burrito is just low-quality nutrition, nearly empty calories.


Weed makes you stupid? That's the dumbest shit I've had the misfortune to read today.

That burrito might be "nearly empty calories," but that liquor is 100% empty calories.


Not if it gets me laid.



Weed doesn't make you anything.

And you "just happened" to drink half a fifth of whiskey? Even though common sense should tell you that if you're trying to cut, you shouldn't be consuming empty calories?

I have an idea. Grow a pair and start taking responsibility for your actions. Quit trying to rationalize your poor decisions.


the problem isn't the calories but the fact that it is a poison so it is priority #1 for your metabolism. alcohol ends anabolism.

1 shot whiskey or a glass of wine, sure, who cares, but for those who drink a lot alcohol equates to a cessation of anabolism. while you are drunk or repairing from being drunk it's a black hole for muscle.

probably because i am older and need all the up time i can get, i never drink anymore =D


alcohol is the simplest sugar there is.

"great" way to skyrocket insulin levels.


would this make it a good thing to put in your PWO shake?


"Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer."


try it and report back :wink:


im only 18 =( and Id rather not mix mikes hard lemonade and chocolate Metabolic Drive...


They should have done this for April 1st. A "Special Report" on the benefits of drinking a pint of beer after working out and an entire chicken. (Arnold reference)


You shouldn't be drinking Metabolic Drive post-workout. You shouldn't be drinking Mikes hard lemonade - ever.


This needs emphasis.


Didn't Arnold eat chicken with some beer after his workouts?