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How Aren't I Losing Weight?


5'10 205 lbs 14% body fat.

250-300g protein daily
100 carbs on lifting days, 50-60g on non lifting days
40-50g of fat lifting, 80g-100 non lifting

lift every other day, push/pull muscles. days i don't lift i either do hiit or fasted cardio

i'm GAINING weight! but my body fat seems to be staying the same (which some people have difficulty to do but i don't seem to right now)

i want to lose 10 lbs and get my body fat under 10%. what am i doing wrong? do i need to do more cardio?


Eat less.


So 2050 cals max on lifting days, 2340 on cardio days?

1) How intense are your workouts?
2) How long do your cardio sessions last?
3) What's your timing on the carbs, etc.


how long have you been lifting? If not long, then it's possible to lose fat/gain muscle at the same time...


Why am I not losing weight?
How am I not losing weight?
Why aren't I losing weight?
All would be acceptable over "How are not (aren't) I losing weight"

Sorry, I had writing classes today.

What kind of carbs you be eating?


Eat less.

And you should probably train your legs, too.


^^I was thinking this same thing. I read the title 8 or 9 times thinking "lol wut?"

Simple OP... You are eating too much food.

If you're gaining weight then you are eating too many calories.


He's eating 2500 calories a day (based on the upper range of numbers he has for his macros).

If you're gaining weight but it's not fat, then it's probably muscle. Ride it out and see what happens.


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How long have you been eating and training this way, and how much weight did you gain? If you just started and gained 2 lbs, it could easily be that your calories are low enough and you just gained incidental weight, like from the mass of food (depending on what you used to eat and currently eat) or extra water. If you have been dieting/training for a few months and gained 20 lbs, obviously something very different must be going on. Whether your metabolism may be slowing down and such is not discernible from your post, so more information may help people give useful suggestions.


i've been training like this for 2 months. and slowly gaining weight. i'm gaining muscle while maintaining the same body fat.

i think i just need to up my cardio and eat a little less.


Seriously you weigh only 10lbs less than me and you are gaining weight on half the calories?

That would be a nice "problem" to have


Oh, it was an inner-city ebonics class, dinna I mention that?


why is it a nice problem? it's hard to lose weight because theni have to eat so little!

btw i like to do fasted cardio on my tredmill in the morning. how fast should i put it on? i never know how to decide what is "slow-moderate" pace. but yeah gaining muscle/weight has never been a problem for me. i've always had a muscular build (all genetics) and been very strong.

i'm just having difficulty getting below 10% body fat. i'm aware that it's 90% diet/cardio but it's just frustrating when i'm being extremely strict on my diets and have very intense workouts and not losing any weight.


as for fasted morning cardio try to keep your heart rate in the 120-130 range

you have been eating about 2200 calories per day for the last 2 months? have you had cheat meals and/or carb-ups to boost your metabolism?


I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side...


Look at mirror with self and how fitting clothes. Scale numbers is not good as much - unreliable they can be.



yes i have either 2 cheats meals a week or 1 full cheat day a week max


5'10 205 @ 14% body fat? Are you sure the body fat calculation is correct? I don't mean to be a skeptic, but that would make you pretty damn strong. Anyone that strong should be losing weight at 2500 calories a day one would think. Something doesn't add up.


what EXACTLY are you eating?