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How Are Your Test Levels on Nebido?

30y old, 263ng/dl, 1m of Testogel 50mg->Nebido.

Wonder what your Test Peak Levels / normal levels are while on Nebido?


I’m new here. Im 30 years old and think I finally get the help I need.

When i was 24 I had my first suspicions of low T so I went to a doc. He told me 250 is normal and in the range (fuking lol - my new doctor was just shaking his head in disbelief). So… a few years I didn’t do anything. I got more and more tired. Now… I think last time I really went out with friends is maybe once every 6 month. I have zero Energy, zero Motivation, im depressed and lethargic and everything seems to be a hassle.

4 Months ago I went to a doctor who said I’m too low. I decided to start Clomid/Clomiphen first because I read that it might restart natural production in some cases. I went from 263 to 715 but my Estradiol also increased up to 107 (!) and even arimidex didnt help AT ALL (although i had doses up to 0,5/1mg daily at the end - im happy im off this shit)

due to this i felt a LITTLE bit better, but not by much, because the negative sides were blocking the good effects and the high estradiol made me emotional and made me gain weight - it seemed to be impossible to drop fat although I went to the gym every 2 days - i then read that its due to clomid/arimidex.


I’ve searched for a new doc who is also a lot in medical journals and seems to be much better.

I was there today. He now gave me 50mg Testogel and told me to use it for 1month, then we have another Appointment and he will get me on Nebido, because he said its the “Gold Standard” right now and doesnt give me such bad Emotional Rollercoasters like the other stuff. Plus … after some time and loading phase and the “booster” ill be able to maintain at 1 shot every 3 months - sounds good.

I’ve pretty much read almost every Nebido Thread in this Forum, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t mention their bloodwork.

My “Goal” would be firstly obviously to get better and stop feeling like shit. But later I would like to be around 1000ng/dl because I hope to make good gains in the gym with a 4 times higher T-Level than before. Will I make good gains ?

If not - I heard about a lot of people who blast&cruise with Nebido, so I was wondering if its okay to do 1-2cycles a year and TRT with Nebido the rest of the year. I told myself that I never wanted to use steroids for BB Purposes because I was afraid of being infertile etc - but now that its inevitable anyhow. Might as well get aesthetic. After 8 years of busting my ass in the gym and 2 years of counting every single calorie (yet all my buddies who ate crap made MUCH more gains and were MUCH more ripped)

Thoughts? Greets

Not sure how to add pictures here? As I will upload my Labs for you guys then.

A friend of mine is using nebido, his test levels are around 750-800.

when did he get BW (at what week?)

and at what injection number is he now? My doc wants to put me on nebido too in 1 month, after using testogel for a month. Since then (2 days ago) I read everything related to nebido, seems like most people think its good but the standard 12 weeks cycle almost works for noone. Most of them drop to low after 8 weeks. So most try to get the interval down to 8 and also report between 6-900.

He is on 1000mg every two months. He also does not use an AI and his estrogen is mid-low range. It seems to be working for him.

thank you :). May I ask what you are using?


I am new to Nebido - currently have had two shots and at 13 weeks with a 3rd shot scheduled in 3 weeks time (so a 10 week window between shots.

Starting T was 340 and blood tests taken 6 weeks after the booster showed 557 so a 34% uplift.

I am not taking an AI but my E2 levels are low so no need.

I have felt good so far and have put on some noticeable muscle and also seen libido increase.

I do notice a drop off in the benefits after around 6-8 weeks but not so as I feel bad - just not quite as marked as earlier in the cycle.

Hope this helps.

Yes this helps a lot thank you. From what I’ve read after your second shot you are not nowhere near the levels you should achieve longterm. Which for most people seems between 7-900.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I am targeting 700-900 but understand it may take some time to build to these levels.

Exactly. Sounds good. Did you test anything else prior to that? Test E/C whatever? Because I read so much about Nebido and I’m a bit confused now what would be the best thing to go with…

No - I was not given any other options (My first choice would have been self injecting E or C)

I figured I will run with it and see how the levels pan out and how I feel.

I guess you are in Europe too. Given what Choices u had.

I am located in Turkey.

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Wonder if you ever had any issues with Estradiol/E2 ? As I’ve read a couple of posts, where peoples E2 went up high because of the big shot.

Did you feel bad prior to Nebido? And how long did it take until you felt substantially better?

I have not seen much (if any) increase in E2 to date.

I didn’t feel “bad” per se but I was lacking in the drive I felt I ought to (used to) have and my gains in the gym had been glacially slow. I was also struggling to lose body fat despite a very clean diet.

Libido was also very poor - had pretty much lost interest in sex.

I would say I saw an uplift in how I felt after 4 weeks and it continued from there, with some small downshifts towards the end of a cycle after say 8 weeks.

I see. And now you are getting better and better? Yeah I’m quite depressive and the testogel seems to make me very uneasy and gives me anxiety. I hope this gets better. Can’t wait to get on nebido…