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How Are You Working Conditioning Into Your 5/3/1 Workouts?

What kind of conditioning exercises are you doing and how are you working it into your workouts.

Haven’t done it yet but will tomorrow - supersetting pretty much everything.

Ab work (situps and hanging leg raises) and pushups between sets of squats and deadlifts.

Rows, chinups, GHR’s, lunges between sets of various presses.

I’ve done that before and I know it really helps improve my conditioning.

Check out posts 14-18 in my log:

Do you mean how do you do conditioning during your 531 workouts? If that’s what you mean, superset everything. So you get your assistance work in between your 531 sets.

Do you mean how do you get your conditioning in while using 531 as your strength-based program? I try for 1-2 days of hard(er) conditioning like sprints or soccer, and 1-2 days of easier conditioning like jogging or airdyne.

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Echo bike 30 min 1-2 times per week on non-lifting days (I do 4d/wk) and in the middle of the 30 min I do the bike’s 10sec work 20 rest intervals. It’s 8 lx so about 4 min total. I’m pretty winded after and my power output is low after squat and deadlift days.

The other days I ride my bicycle 2.5 miles to public transportation in the AM and PM

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