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How are You Training Back?

just wanted to see what everyone else is doing to back, yesterday i did pull ups and rows, first time back in gym since gettin my wisdom teeth out, so i took it easy, also, how many pull ups can you do, and at what bodyweight?

Pull-ups 3x8
DB Row 3x8
HS High Row 3x8
Smith Machine Shrug 3x8

My current DC rotation -

Thickness - T-Bar Row, Kroc Row, Barbell Row
Width - Rack Chin, Weighted Chin, Wide Grip Pulldown

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4x 12, 10, 10, 8 BB row
5x 5 Deads
2x max chins
3x Lat Pull down

FInish with the concept DC uses on seated row with a rest-pause set :slight_smile:

One Arm DB Row
Cable Row (low with v handle)
Lat Pulldown WG
Reverse Flys

Heavy rack pulls.


4 x Failure - Wide Grip Pull Ups
3 x 8 BB Row
3 x 12 Rear Lat Pull Downs
3 x 10 Cable Rows

I generally will throw rear delts in there also. I change my back up often though, looking for a width and a thickness program that I can alternate for 6-8 weeks.

Cleans 4x4-6
Pullups-pyramid to 5 and bad
Pulldowns, 4x12
Cable row, 4x12

I think thats it, deadlifts also on another day.

one day:
barbell rows from the floor - 531
heavy one arm rows - 5x6-10

another day:
weighted pull ups - 531
weighted chin ups - 5x5-10

split between the other two days:
deads - 531
ssb squats or good mornings - 5x6-10
rdl’s, shrugs - 5x6-10

needless to say, my back seems to be thickening up rather nicely :slight_smile:

Deadlifts, rack pulls, rows, pull downs and weighted pull ups…obviously not all on the same day. Since you asked about weighted pull up, I’m at around 15+ wide-grip with 90lbs hanging from a belt. Without weight hanging probably around 40.

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Deadlift 3-5x1x6
Bent over bb row 5x5
Lat pulldown 4x10


rack pulls 4x6
bb row 5x5
DB row 4x10

Earlier Tonight:

-Straight Arm Pressdowns with a Rope
-Reverse Grip Pulldowns
-Scapular Cable Retractions
-Reverse Grip BB Rows
-Weighted Hyperextensions


tbar rows
rear laterals

I’ve started to do a double session on back day because deadlifts and rows leave my grip too weak for pulldowns and back width exercises and I don’t feel like buying straps.


DB Rows


Lat Pulldowns
HS High Row
HS Iso Row/T-Bar Rows
CG Pulldowns
Seated Rows

weighted wide grip pull-ups - DC with 15 kg
BB rows - 3x5
Deadlifts - 3x5
Seated Cable row - 3x8

are the main back exercises.
the 3 sets are working sets and does not include warm ups.

pull-ups with BW at 176 is about 18
i fatigue quickly. lol

The last 8 day training period deliberately had much higher frequency than usual for me, and lower volume per workout. Partly because of the higher frequency and partly because of dieting down.

But as an example of a variant, not my usual, the last week was:

Monday: Shrug in a yoke-equipped squat machine, Deadlift, Kroc Row, Cobra Pulldown, Lying Rear Delt Fly, Good Mornings.

Wednesday: Voyer Shrug, Bent Row (mechanical drop set: as much as possible each at 45 degrees strict, 20 degrees strict, then 20 degrees Coleman-style, no rest between), Pulldown (mechanical drop set: shoulder-width reverse grip to lower chest, then to above-chin height, then V-grip to lower chest, and finally straight-arm scapular rotation with wide bar, changes done very quickly), Strive Extreme Row (first with weights to what I consider matches my strength curve, then with weights biased to first part of pull, change takes about 15 seconds), Romanian Deadlift.

Friday: Barbell Shrug, Snatch Grip Deadlift, Cobra Pulldown, T-bar Barbell Row, Lying Rear Delt Fly, Good Mornings.

Sunday: Hammer Strength Iso Row, Voyer Shrug, Pulldown (as above), Romanian Deadlift, Chinese DB Row.

Only one work set of each, with the exception of Rear Delt Flyes where if the weight didn’t allow high reps, more work is done. Minimized energy expenditure put into warmups.

Again to repeat, that is not my usual. It is a variant. Do I suggest anyone else ought to do this all the time, or for that matter at all? No.

All sorts of Rows (Chest Supported, T-bar, Barbell, DB), Pull-ups, Overhead Presses, Shrugs, Rear Delt Flies, and Deadlifts. I do more rows than anything else, but that’s because I’m focusing on powerlifting.

One hand dumbell rows, cable rows, lat pulldowns (hoping to start pull-ups soon ;)) - 3x10

Just started, so it’s working nicely.

back day 1
BB row
HS close grip pulldown

Back day 2
chest supported db row
HS wide grip pulldown

Also do snatch grip deads on leg day, im sure they aren’t doing anything hurt my back development.

And i can do 25 or so pullups at my bw of 185 when fresh, thats usually how i warm up on arm/shoulder day.

I always have one pulldown, one row, a deadlift or rack pull, and a shrug.

Last month I was doing: Weighted Pull-up, One-arm DB Row, Rack Pull, and DB Shrugs.

This month it’s been: T-Bar Row, HS Lat Pulldown, Deadlift, and HS Shrug.

I like deadlifting at the end because I think it ties everything together. It also pre-fatigues my lats. Of course, you need straps if you do it at the end though.