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How Are You Mixing Leucine?


How are you guys drinking this? Mixing in just water (makes you choke), or in something else? I was trying to follow Thib's before, during, after workout nutrition.


I gotta put it in protein powder. Elsewise it’s like baking soda bullshit puke tasting.


BCAA’s taste okay with Nestea Activ, then there’s some extra electrolytes in it as well. That way it can also be taken away from other food.


Ok so just not in plain water. Yeah I gagged, almost like the old creatine what that first came out. Thanks guys, I’m gonna try some tea next.


I use hot water (gives much faster dissolution) and probably about 12 ounces of it, though I haven’t measured it.

I use it as an opportunity to take my Superfood at the same time.

While obviously that’s not what one uses Superfood, the additional flavors result in the drink tasting not that bad (to my taste) despite the leucine.

As the other posters have also pointed out, having additional taste elements present helps. I’m sure it doesn’t have to be specifically Superfood. But the most effective such flavors (other than intense sweetness) likely are ones that are fairly strong or even a little odd in their own right.


OK, maybe I didn’t put enough water then. I only had a couple ounces, tried to make it a shot rather than drink. Thanks Bill.


Anyone think maybe a couple shakes of Tobasco in water with the Leucine would be effective?


can’t mix it, not good.

dump the scoop on your tongue and down with water, quick


Step 1 : Pinch your nose

Step 2 : Drink all at once

Step 3 : Take a gum

Step 4 : Chew gum for 5-10 seconds

Step 5 : Unpinch nose


WOW. I’ve had similar supplements that was hard to ingest. This one doesnt taste bad (thankfully) its just the consistency. Pinching nose to drink something down sucks, but its effective. haha.


I put a tablespoon of BCAA in my mouth, then sip on water, slosh it around to make sure nothing’s sticking to the roof or sides of my mouth, then swallow. Don’t put a heaping tablespoon in there, you’ll probably gag.

This works fine for me.


[quote]twatta wrote:
OK, maybe I didn’t put enough water then. I only had a couple ounces, tried to make it a shot rather than drink. Thanks Bill.[/quote]

I forget to mention that I shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. And that there may be a difference between using a glass jar (as I do) versus a plastic bottle. At least one person found that the shaking-in-hot-water method, with the suggested amount of water, for him resulted in the powder sticking to the plastic.


[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
dump the scoop on your tongue and down with water [/quote]



[quote]Therizza wrote:
Anyone think maybe a couple shakes of Tobasco in water with the Leucine would be effective? [/quote]

I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

(Another one of my ramblings on):

I do not at all believe the standard theory correct that the tongue can detect only sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and glutamate (“umami”), and that any apparent ability to detect taste going being these results only from smell. Personally I think it is one of those ridiculously false things that continues to hold up on no evidence but failure to do any better in resolving the matter.

How many times have you brought up something to eat, it seemed absolutely fine while it was right under your nose, but on tasting it it was absolutely awful, and not due to being too salty, too sweet, too bitter, or too sour?

And not because of snuffling it up into your nose on it going into your mouth, but at the very moment of it touching your tongue.

I know there are people that claim to have no taste when their nose is stuffed, but for myself that is not true at all. Absolutely things taste quite different from each other and not plausibly merely from balance of those 4 or 5 qualities. I don’t disagree that smell is quite relevant, but deny that it is the complete source of what appears to be taste beyond just those 5 qualities, which tradition has it does not exist and is just illusion produced entirely from smell.

Even within a given category, how about the fact that potassium chloride tastes quite different than sodium chloride? Not from having added or less sweetness, or bitterness, or anything else. I challenge anyone to add amounts of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, or glutamate in any combination to KCl or NaCl and make one taste like the other.

And it is not from smell, as the vapor pressure is as close to zero as you can get (no detectable amount goes into the air.)

ANYHOW, I expect that a major part of why some are very bothered by the taste of dissolved leucine is that no food is ever almost entirely bitter and nothing else. Plenty of foods that people like have some bitterness in them, and not necessarily more than is the case for the leucine in say 12 ounces of water, but there are other taste elements as well.

When there are other strong flavors present, the bitter aspect may well become unbothersome. Thus the Tabasco might well work.


Oh, and why all the above rambling on why I think the standard theory is incorrect: Because my conclusion would pretty clearly be true under the standard theory, but not necessarily if the standard theory is wrong.

Since I don’t agree with the theory that the same balance of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty will taste the same to the tongue regardless of what it’s comprised of, therefore I don’t believe that the bitterness of leucine can, with the right combination of those other components, be made to be perceived identically by the tongue as is chicken, cherries, Rocky Road ice cream, or anything else. Or to be made to not have “leucine-ness” to it, at least not without totally drowning in far stronger-yet flavors.

But I do think that presence of other strong flavors can make the overall taste much more acceptable-seeming to the tongue.

The mentioning of a tea is a good example. For example, I think that flavor component within what is perceived as an herbal tea might well seem just an unusual and strong note, but quite acceptable perhaps.


i find it easiest to put a few sips of water in my mouth, shovel the powder in, then chug an entire glass of water. powder was sticking everywhere when i didnt start with some water in my mouth. bcaa’s ruin the flavor of anything you put them in and leucine isnt gourmet either. mixing them with anything is a waste of time and a waste of the flavour in the mixer.


Throw a scoop in my mouth and wash it down with water or Spike Shotgun.



I’m from new Orleans and have taste buds (more than usual) it seems. I never like protein powders, etc because of the taste. The leucine doesn’t taste bad, just had to swallow sandy substance. I have trouble drinking the other shakes as well on CT’s protocol, but am trying to gain more muscle than with normal foods.


[quote]mavrcksurfer69 wrote:
Source Naturals (I think it is) makes pill form. Its not that expensive either if you get it online. Unless anyone knows a reason why powder is better than pill form?[/quote]

cheaper probably?


can’t you buy pill-making kits? holy crap I should look into that.