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How are You Becoming Symmetrical?


I am very right side dominant and as you can imagine my left side measurements are lagging behind my right anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

What are you guys doing specifically to bring up your weak side?


More unilateral work. As for my left quad I'm pretty dead in the water on that one.


pre-exhaust the dominant side, but honestly it's not something "i'm" concerned about at 210lbs.


I do a lot of unilateral work as is but are you looking to just put the weak side under more stress/work?

Anyone increase volume for the weak side? I was thinking of adding 3 unilateral working sets to my weak side per workout


I use both arms when benching and curling.

Don't gotta worry about legs though, they can't become unbalanced if you don't train them.



Incorporate DB over BB for a while so as not to "rely" on the strong side to bail the weak side out on a lift.


Extra attention to Mind/Muscle connection


I attach a 10lb weight to my left testicle in hopes that it will soon hang at the same level as my right.