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How Are These Testosterone Results? "High" SHBG?

Hello. I just got the results of my blood test. My doctor appointment is on June 11th, but I got the results early. I am a soon to be 49 year old male. Can you please comment on these results, particularly the SHGB, which is showing as “high”. Based on my research, some websites say that a high SHGB produces the same effect as having low testosterone. Any thoughts that anyone has on the below would be very much appreciated. Thanks


1ALB 4.4 g/dL

! 1SHBG [H] 65.23 nmol/L

! 1Free Testosterone 10.48

Yes, high SHBG results in low free testosterone as SHBG bind things like test. Your test level is good, great for your age. Your free T sucks. So the question is, why is your SHBG so high? And can you lower it?

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