How are These Row Machines Different?

Hello I just want to know how the high row machine (shown here)
is different from the neutral row machine (shown here)

Do they target different muscles, does one isolate certain muscles like the lats or rear delt better?

The top machine is a “Hammer Strength” style Lat Pulldown. Typically I see this down with the overhand grip to more replace the Lat Pulldown down on a cable tower. The way the anime guy is doing it is still a primarily a lat exercise with a bit more involvement from the mid back in the finished contracted position.

The bottom row machine is primarily targeted to the traps and rhomboids (mid back).
Neither machine will eliminate the lats completely or the mid back completely. Also, neither do a good job of targeting the rear delts (do face-pulls or reverse flyes to target those).


So the way I see the anime guy doing it is in underhand grip, and you say that targets primarily lats with a bit of traps and romboids too. But if I do the exercise with the regular overhand grip does it still target the same muscles?

Also the since the machine on the bottom primarily targets traps and romboids, and has the lats as a secondary muscle, do you think it would be good to to use both machines in my pull day? My thinking is that the top machine uses primarily lats and has the romboids and traps as secondary muscles and the bottom machine does vice versa, so they compliment eachother.

Pretty much with slightly more tension in the lats that way. You can’t really uncouple these muscles nor should you really be trying to unless you are a bodybuilder competing at higher levels who needs to specifically bring out a single muscle.

Use both on pull day if you want. Or just use the regular lat pulldown and low row pulley towers - doesn’t really matter all that much unless you are already insanely jacked and lean.
Better yet follow one of the many plans already available for free on this site.

What is your current training history and what is your goals? If you have access to these machines I am going to assume you have access to a gym.

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This would hit the upper back more. Pronated grip and elbows up will target the upper back.

It will depend on how you setup/pull.

In the first pic the way he is pulling (almost straight back) it will be middle/upper back with some lat. To really target the lats, I would slightly sit back and try to drive your elbows straight down.

In the bottom pic if you put your crouch closer and pull back it will be more upper back. If you sit back on the seat, lean into/slightly over the pad, and pull down it really targets the lats.

When you say sit back and try to drive my elbows straight down, should I use an overhand or underhand position to hit lats, or does it not really matter or make a big different between the two


Keep your arms/elbows close to the body, drive down and into the hips. You can also try doing it one arm at a time.