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How Are These Numbers?


Hey guys, im 15 years old and this is my first time posting (turning 16 in octobr). i guess thats enough about me right now. anyways i have some knowledge of training (pretty good i think lol) ive read all articles at elitefts. ive purchased books by siff, verkhoshanksy, martin rooney..read articles, joe defranco...TONS of articles at this site. u know the just goin all out on the reading.

NOW i know that this is all BOOK SMART...and it can be even better to have "in the trenches" or "hands on" experience to excel and all. But anyways i think the books and all these articles give me a pretty good base of knowledge and all.

Anways i havent lifted for a few weeks now..before that few weeks it was a few months. Anyways so as i said im 15, im 148lbs (its not that bad really, i look pretty built), ive got a LOW bodyfat. Im at a 205 bench press, 285 sumo deadlift and a 255 squat. I wanna know how is this?...like is this prety good numbers for my age/weight.

I LOVE POWERLIFTING and MMA...i thrive on these things and wake up extra early before school just to read a few articles before school and all. Im currently doing boxing right now and goin into BJJ when im 16 (damn classes are bloody expensive lol)...anways so yeah if u guys would be kind enough to tell me how im doing that'd be great..by the way im back into training starting tomorrow...(with weights, and a little bit of conditioing)...im basically focusing on what i feel is most important

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Those numbers are pretty good for your weight...however, we don't know your height either. Those numbers are good for someone who is 5'5" or less at 148lbs.


Just a quick question, won't help you at all. Just for me. How much do your boxing classes cost and is there a lot of people involved?


As long as your numbers are an improvement over what they previously were they are good numbers

But if you want to boost your ego for your age and weight those are great numbers, I'm 5'6 and was about 143 and lifting a bit more weight then that and I was 22!

Illness/injury caused me to lose some weight and I've been doing the same as you and reading ALOT (on top of what I've been doing for years) and it sounds like you have some great resources for training info.


I'm 5'7 and a half lol...if that makes sense...almost 5'8 just half an inch more to go.


Yeah no problem. It's 20 bucks a month (nice and cheap) 3 times a week if your beginner and all (mon, wed, fri)...for the ebtter guys (national champs, or someone they see whos very good)..then theres classes for them on tuesdays, thursdays, saturdays (including the other days)...and yeap theres tons of ppl involved.


Yeah its an improvement from my previous numbers...but i did TONS of conditioing work before (sprints etc.)..i like John Davies programs they're fun. I like all the programs here actually lol. I doesnt matter to me about the ego thing. "leave your ego at the door in the gym" u know.

But i train in my basement :)...its all good there. Pain, sweat, blood, the works. this way i can also grunt and yell...which my parents think is unusually odd lol. Actually im starting a new program ive created from myself to fit my needs and weaknesses and all. Its 3 weeks on, deload, then 3 weeks high intensity again. (i find this works pretty well). Ill post how my numbers go up (or down) and theres conditoing work on off days and such..so its a really intense program..hope not to OVERTRAIN...but we'll just have to see. also since im in boxing and goin into BJJ strength isnt the most imporatant factor..but weightlifting is bloody fun lol and i think helps a lot in mma.

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DL, those aren't bad numbers considering your age. But to be doing well you'd like to be at least 1.5 times bodyweight in the bench (225 for you) and double bodyweight in the squat and DL (300)... no doubt if you concentrated more on PLing (dropped the boxing) your lifts would go way up.