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How Are These Blood Test Results?

What do you guys think of these results for a 34 year old male?

Test free (testovl) 257 pmol/l. (155-800pmol/l)
Testosterone 21.7 nmol/l. (10-38 nmol/l)
SHBG 62 nmol/l. (18-54 nmol/l)

Several symptoms of low test for quite some time

Active physical job, down to 95kg at 5’8, down from 117kgs
Healthy life style for the most part.

Trt is kind of shunned on here in Finland.

Your Free T percentage is low at 1.36%, normal is 2-3%.

@systemlord is this due to the shbg being over the normal range?
Do people get prescribed with trt on similar results like this?

Thanks for your input!

You are kinda in the gray area IMO. You will probably want it later in life. You have tradeoffs with TRT, are they worth it to you?

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@mnben87 what tradeoffs are you refering to?

Thanks for your input!

Fertility, injections for life, most get more hair loss, and we have a pretty good understanding of long term risks, but there is still uncertainty. You will have to do blood work on a regular basis. If you go private clinic, it is expensive.

For me the tradeoffs were worth it. My blood work was about like yours lower than average, but not below the limits. I didn’t get much of a mental boost. Cosmetic boost was pretty real long term though.

Thanks, I’m considering it mainly to feel better and perform better at life. The rest, if it were to be a good fit is just bonus.

Those tradeoffs are the ones that I have pretty much considered, and if it would be in the cards to get on Trt by prescription, I wouldnt hesitate.

But, since it is shunned on in the north, I am almost certain that getting a prescription would require me to get much worse. Which in its own is also a bad tradeoff, since the symptoms are already messing with my life.

Going the other route is of course a possibility, but the risks are higher and the expenses of course.

If I were to do it, it’d be with the mentality of less is more, if it’s done right and the substances are honest.

Thanks ben.

You wouldn’t be prescribed by a regular Dr. in the US with those numbers. I went private at first. Now I just do it on my own. I do bloods, and such. It was about $2500 a year for me though a private clinic.

That’s how I started off, and how most start off lol. You will notice if you peruse the Pharma section, that most of the guys there are on TRT, or self prescribed TRT (which is a cruise).

The high SHBG is a big factor for the lower Free T.

Unfortunately some doctors don’t understand that low normal T levels can cause symptoms and if you were in the US I would recommend a clinic and pay out of pocket for your treatment.

The truth is doctors know more about how to provide transgender hormonal treatments to change a man into a woman than they do optimizing a man’s hormones.

Is there an effective way tp naturally lower SHBG?

Maybe try low dose od proviron?

I have seen most cases where SHBG is elevated fail to lower SHBG to a meaningful degree to where symptoms are no longer present. Diet can play a role in elevated SHBG.

Thats what i was afraid of, most natural ways are already incorporated into my lifestyle.

No alcohol, regular workouts, relatively clean diet with veggies, mgnesium and the basic supplements have been in my diet for a long time.

Guess its to the doctors office, but the cookiecutter solution is almost certainly life style changes…

Thanks @highpull

Boron might be something to consider giving a try.