How Are Test Levels Increased During Cycle?

Started my first cycle, 20yrs, 200lbs, 6ft,15% rough bf, on week 3 of 14 600mg Orbis test 400 (test prop-50mg, test cyp-150mg, test e- 200mg) + var 50mg (8 weeks) pw.

Things are going well, starting to feel it all kicking in, increased sex drive, more energy, like a radiator all the time, prs up slightly.

One thing I am slightly confused about is: if I’m injecting external test, and thus through body’s hormonal feedback system (not the most technical term but still) stops producing test as the weeks go by, how are testosterone levels increased over the duration of the cycle? This is something I asked the doc and he said we’ll yes this is why there isn’t that much point? Obviously you do get increased test etc but just wondering if someone can explain the science as I can’t find the answers to the Q, maybe using the wrong words but still if someone could explain the science it would be helpful.


20 yr old. Nuff said

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Test levels increase with your injections until you reach peak saturation after about a month(mostly long esters). Then you ride that level until the end of your cycle. After ceasing the injections your levels wean off as the half life burns through every 7 days. Now your blend has prop so this is a little different but it’s a small amount so I based this info on the long esters.


By increasing the total dose. Otherwise as @blshaw said they level off. And you want them to level off. At a certain point you don’t need levels any higher than what you’re going to have with this cycle. I’m curious how you concluded that this was the right cycle for you. Forget about the age and your precycle shape (both of which are big issues), how did you choose this?

Been training for 5 year just gone, 3 years strict. Exercise I do is boxing and weights, plus trying to put more cardio into the mix. I train 5 times a week, 2 day split for each body part with weights, I’ll box around 2 times a week.and run a couple times a week.

I work shifts, I.e. Week of nights, backs, then mornings- so sleep isn’t the best sometimes I’ll admit.

Looking to make lean gains without adding too much fat, hence why test and var, var not dbol for example because size isn’t the only objective for this cycle.