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How Are SARMs Not Androgenic?

Can someone explain how SARMS bind to androgen receptors yet are not androgenic? Reason I’m asking is I got way worse body acne from an 8 week RAD-140 cycle than my 3 previous test/EQ cycles and I’m just looking for some correlation. Not really overly concerned, just curious. I’ve been done with RAD-140 for over two weeks now and am still getting new body acne, which I’m not really prone to getting, so I’m wondering if it is a residual effect from the RAD or just something in my diet.

They are androgenic… minimally, but they still retain androgenic properties.

Androgenicity isn’t merely quantified by the strength of binding to androgen receptors, otherwise anavar would be like… the most androgenic thing in the world, rather androgenicity (as specified as the ability to promote masculinizing side effects rather than the traditional “how much does it make a rat prostate grow”) refers to a compounds predispensity for causing virilising sides, and this will depend on

  • affinity for 5a reductase enzyme and percentage of base hormone converted to 5a reduced metabolite (SARMS have no affinity for this enzyme… most of the time, the term sarm is controversial and I’ll explain soon)
  • androgenicity of 5a reduced metabolite (think nandrolone to dihydronandrolone)
  • affinity to androgen receptors at specific sites. We don’t have much literature on this however androgen receptors are present all throughout the body, and many steroids (and sarms) are tissue selective, hence the term sarm… this coins non steroidal vs steroidal sarms. Theoretically one could call any AAS with a skewed A/A ratio a “sarm” as it specifies selectivity of anabolism over androgenicity. An excellent sarm would be one that doesn’t interact with the AR in cardiac myocytes…

Also… many products sold as sarms are merely powdered designer steroids

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Are you using testosterone with this RAD cycle?

No I just used RAD only

Well then there’s your answer. Acne is often a reaction to wild hormone fluctuations. RAD suppresses testosterone which throws the whole system out of whack.

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to be fair… I do this in conversation regularly (in real life)… it throws people off completely, typically eliciting “what the hell are you talking about” style response

However I will deter myself, I apologise (wouldn’t say this in a bar though… fucking with people in a bar… it’d be pretty good grounds to get punched in the face lol)… when intoxicated, people will sometimes pick fights for the most trivial of reasons

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understood. i’m just confused on how i never experienced this during or after test/EQ cycle, when i think those cycles threw my hormones out of wack more than i felt the RAD did. just basing it off of how i felt after each.

I will say though, i think, emphasis on think, that i saw more productive gains from one 8 week cycle of RAD-140 than I did from each 12-16 week test/EQ cycle I ran. Hard to tell though based on the amount of bloat I had from the test c and e. and significantly cheaper so that’s a plus.

It might be the one SARM that would be appropriate to incorporate into a trt regiment at low doses because of the positive effects on the prostate. Other than that I don’t think we have enough trials to make any kind of assessment. But based on anecdotal evidence it’s a pretty decent mass builder.

I noticed an increase in acne when switching from sq trt to Im and another increase when adding rad 140. It comes and goes threw out the week. Can’t figure as to why it’s labile

When you change things your hormones are out of whack for a period of time. On TRT I went from sub-q to IM and had the same thing happen. It also happens when I change anything (injection frequency, dose, etc). After 6-8 weeks for me things normalize.

The opposite happened to me. The more I bulked up, the higher dosage of roids I took, the worse random people I meet on the street treat me and the worse they look at me.

RAD causes acne because it bind to androgen receptors in the skin. It’s as simple as that. It has nothing to do with hormone fluctuations as someone said.

You’d be surprised to learn that testosterone injected is actually less androgenic than testosterone naturally produced. This is because most of the important enzymes are located in the scrotum so if you bypass the scrotum you don’t get as much conversion of testosterone to other hormones.

I too wondered why some things are androgenic and others not. Turns out, testosterone alone is not sufficient for penis growth so if you lack its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, then you are born with essentially a micropenis.

I also wondered why some really masculine guys I’ve met who look like Mike Tyson with their scary, intimidating face, why are they not hairy if they produce so much male hormones or are so sensitive to male hormones?
I think again the answer is hormone metabolism but another explanation is that they due to genetic differences have more androgen receptors in their bones as opposed to their skin, or more enzymes one place rather than another.

Also, if trenbolone is as strong an AR agonist as DHT is, why then does it not cause the same gene expression as DHT seems to do?

Why also is it that most steroids cannot be “felt” even though they bind strongly to androgen receptors in the brain. And even if you megadose them it makes no difference in most cases?
Without metabolism to DHT, you almost cannot feel testosterone although testosterone affects a ton of genes involved in neurotransmitter metabolism?

The reason you “feel” trenbolone is not because of AR binding but because of dopamine D2 receptor binding.

Sure hope so. My acne has since decrease. Despite upping rad dose from 15 to 20 and adding lgd 5mg at same time