How are My Thyroid Numbers?

Changed TRT protocol in August, levels a lot higher and was initially a lot hungrier and I’ve gained about 15 pounds. Nice for the gym but it’s not all muscle and water. I’m about to need new pants.

Thyroid gets lots of attention here so I decided to run some labs to see where I’m at. From my research I’m not hypothyroid but not optimal either. Worth looking in to further or not?

Reverse T3 is a little high, but free T3 is high enough. Do you have any significant signs or symptoms hypothyroidism? I don’t think this is something to take simply to loss some weight.

Actually, I think I’m finally starting to get my protocol dialed in. I was having trouble sleeping, fatigue, and brain fog but that seems to have improved with adding 5 Htp (knock on wood).

There’s a lot of discussion on this board about TRT revealing subclinical hypothyroidism so with my symptoms that’s why I ran the tests. Prior to TRT my free T3 and T4 numbers were similar, my TSH was a little lower and I don’t have a lab for reverse T3 pre-TRT.

Thyroid levels look pretty good, I doubt rT3 is causing you problems at this level, I had rT3 at this level (TSH <1.0) with fT3 at 3.6 and felt great.

Way too high RT3, you don’t want higher than 10.

What are your iron values?

I think your thyroid numbers look good. RT3 is a bit high you can look into iron, selenium and sodium levels but I dont think that is causing you much symptoms

Iron looks OK. My understanding is high RT3 can bind up free T3 and my free T3 is above midrange.

What causes higher RT3? Trying to decide if it’s worth paying for a consult with my doc to discuss thyroid or leave it alone, or perhaps self treat.

Those are good levels.

Do you have ferritin?

You have high RT3 due to your FT4 converting it to RT3 instead of T3 which can be due to a bunch of things, mainly stress related things like an infektion, inflammation, cutting, stressful life and etc

I do not have ferritin, unfortunately. Haven’t been sick, definitely not cutting or in a caloric deficit.

Make sure to test that next time, it will tell you if you have some kind of inflammation in your body.