How Are My Numbers for a Regional Meet?

I weigh 145lbs and was wondering if I would be competitive in a regional powerlifting meet. My lifts are:
Would these lift be a joke in a meet or would I actually place?

Your numbers are great for your bodyweight but it depends on the meet/region whether or not you’d place well.

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The states competing In it will be Arkansas,Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

If you haven’t completed before, it doesn’t matter. They’re good for your size.

I’ll be honest. I have a hard time believing anyone who can squat 405lb cleanly, has access to the internet, and is in the age between 20-30, has never bothered looking up what other people are squatting.

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The competition doesn’t matter. Just go do it for yourself and get better every time. No one is gonna laugh at you unless you dress funny or something or walk around with ILS at 145lbs…

I am 17 years old and it’s hard to find results/ records for kids my age. Trust me I have done a lot of looking.

Those are good lifts for your size, you are squatting almost triple your bodyweight and deadlifting more than triple. Your total would put you just under a 400 wilks, which is not world class but if definitely decent. How you place depends on who else is there and how you actually perform at the meet. Just do your best and keep getting stronger, you are only 17 so you have a lot of time to improve.

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Lifting in the gym and lifting in front a judge are two completely different things. Have you attended a PL meet before? Watched what the judges look at? Are you competing raw or using compression shirt and squat suit/belt? Have you trained with these items if you plan on using them? Do you have people to help you at the meet?

Hopefully, you have done your homework.

A lot of people that can lift a ton in the gym can’t get 2 white lights on a squat.