How are Canadians doing TRT?

Wanting to know from the guys In Canada how your getting all your blood work done? I haven’t had a lot of luck with my doctor or endo In starting TRT so I started it at the beginning of summer on my own. As far as I can tell in Canada we can’t get important blood work done like SHGB, free Testosterone, E2, and full thyroid panels. I’ve had more energy and better body composition since starting TRT myself but still lacking some libido and don’t have things as dialed in as I want. I would love to hear if anyone else is having better luck with this up here. I’m debated on driving down to Montana and getting a full panel done so I know exactly what’s going on.

Sounds like a good idea to me. There is also the private lab route where you can pick the tests you want done. I personally use Private MD Labs.

I drive down to the Seattle area and go to LabCorp through Discounted labs.

Can you order those online and then go down for the blood work and have them email the results?

Is that something you order online or is LabCorp an actual lab you go to and order them? How much does it typically cost doing it private in the states?

Yes, that’s how it works. You have to pick a lab but yes it’s usually lab Corp.

Cost depends on the tests you get. My flex spending pays for mine but I don’t know if you have something like that

Yes, they email you the results. Everything is confidential. Nobody at the lab ever asks anything

For example: Online Blood Tests Discounted 50-91%! Affordable Low Prices!

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Wish they had a better listing of all that is tested. I don’t see SHBG in any of the tests that mention testosterone. Crappy breakdown, or maybe not and have to find the separate SHBG one?

You can search for SHBG

Should be a test that does ALL the big ones we mention here; one comprehensive one. I mean… come on medical community, keep it simple stupid!

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That would be great, make it nice and simple.

You order on discounted labs website and they email you the req which you take to the nearest LabCorp. They will then email you the results a few days later.

There are a few TRT packages on the site that have most of the tests you are after at a bit of a discount.

I will check this out. Thank you for the link

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Perfect, thank you for the info!
Looks like I’ll be doing this on my own since my doctor and endo aren’t very knowledagble up here. The last 3 tests I’ve had done my testosterone was 9,10,12 ( not in that order) range 8-29. They both say I should be fine and trt wouldn’t help much. I’m 29. Lol

You can do SHBG through the standard tests. It isn’t listed but that doesn’t matter, they just add it in at the bottom where there are blank lines. My doc didn’t know what it was when I asked for it, but i showed her and she added it in and it was tested no problem.

Is that through LabCorp? Or are you talking in Canada?

In canada, just through your GP.

I imagine they can check free t as well, but if im not mistaken the paper only shows total and bioavailable. It also may be different from province to province, but they can definitely check shbg.

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Hm. Maybe it’s different in provinces. I have a sheet from the doctor I didn’t use and it’s not on there. Neither is bioavailable

For sure man, in Ontario at least. Both Dynacare (via my GP) and my Urologist at The Ottawa Civic Hospital, request SHBG and TT, Free T and Bioavailable T, as standard practise.

What Province are you in @everest? Maybe the doc is ignorant to the needed tests but are available to him if he only knew. LOL