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How are Anti-Aging Clinics Legal?

I just watched the documentary Screw Ball. The story is so fucking crazy that I for sure thought it wasn’t real, so I did some googling and sure enough it is real. Totally real. Unbelievable.

So, how is anti-aging clinics a thing that the U.S government allows to operate without almost no pushback while Marijuana can still land in you in jail in most states?

Cannabis has a long history regarding prohibitive practice. There’s an element of racial profiling regarding marijuana related arrests too.

These clinics operate under the guise of helping a patient acquire a therapeutic outcome, increase quality of life. Furthermore, despite stigma existing, anabolic steroids fall under the umbrella of a schedule III controlled substance, meaning that there is recognised medicinal/therapeutic value from the susbtance, although it has fairly significant potential for abuse (kind of funny benzodiazepines are schedule IV typically, but have FAR more potential to induce dependence)… Cannabis say after the mid 30s due to a racist dipshit named Harry J Anslinger was promoted to Schedule I, the entire propaganda machine against cannabis was steeped in part due to a hatred of immigrants and African Americans (both demographics of which were known to consume cannabis at a higher rate), the general populace didn’t really know what cannabis was, and it had actually been present in many OTC meds prior… most scientists and medical professionals at the time were adamant that cannabis was reasonably harmless and didn’t pose a threat to society, however one scientist got on board with Anslinger and thus the propaganda machine ensued… Fast forward to Nixons war on drugs, Ronald Raegans imposition of tough sentencing etc and people were enforcing cannabis prohibition like never before (and you’d think we’d learn a lesson from alcohol prohibition…)

So the answer is… there is no racism/propaganda associated with anti aging clinics, they haven’t been around as long… there is no motive aside from perhaps public safety (debatable, I’d say it’s way better to get the stuff via prescription than order on the BM, risk bacterial contamination, underused or falsified product etc) to shut them down. It’s a very different ballgame

(This is a joke… don’t take this seriously, I don’t like trump, but those who support him… which is fine… tend to get way too triggered about Trump jokes… I liked Obama and still found Obama jokes funny), but if Anti Aging clinics were all run my mexicans/immigrants, then the trump administration would be ALL OVER shutting them down, life sentences and deportation for all.

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Good doco btw… the craziest thing was probably the prescription of AAS to middle school/high school students aged 15-17… kids without underlying endocrine pathology!

You missed a big part of the equation - profit. Marijuana has been the bad guy for decades, whereas these newer “prescription” drugs have no detailed history. Since there “new”, pharmaceutical companies are able to lobby for their drug. It gets passed and everyone wins, right?

Marijuana is coming around. It’s still technically illegal under federal law but the feds haven’t trumped state laws. It’s not supposed to be that way. Everyone has to follow federal law. State law can me more restrictive than federal law, but not less restrictive. The same is true for County and Municipal laws.

Marijuana and AAS got labeled the cause of bad things so here we are missing out on some awesome medical applications. I know you can get marijuana for medicinal use even in states where it’s still illegal, but it’d sure be nice to get some HGH to help with my soft tissue injuries.

when you think about it there could be a correlation between the Miami AAS scene and all these baseball and football athletes that have recently exploded out of South Florida.

The last 20 years hasn’t South FL been the bedrock of these two sports? I think they funnel the most talent in. I wouldn’t be surprised if AAS was a big reason for that.