How and Where to Start?

Hello everyone! I’m begginer here so I need some advices about what types of workout should I do and how should I eat.

I’m 20 years old and I weight about 74kg and ima 184cm long. I’m really skinny but I have butt fat and stomach fat. So I really want to change my body shape. I want to pump some muscles but I don’t know what kind of exercises should I do, what should I eat and how much calories do I need to succeed.

I’m also sorry if my english is bad.

What research have you done so far?


To be honest I didn’t do much research.

Last year I was 88 kg and I started to go to gym but it lasted only one month and I came to 84 kg. I saw that my body definition had changed and I was happy with my progration. But then I started to work long shifts and I stopped going to gym and I didn’t eat as much as I should fearing that I would gain more weight so I came to 72 kg.

I would like remove stomach and but fat that I have, but also gain some weight, for example I would like to come to 80-85 kg. I just want to fix my body definition and feel healthy in body.

Any 3x a week full body workouts from this site.

Diet is 14x body weight in calories.
1.5g of protein pet lbs of body weight.
20% is from fat.
The rest is carbs.

Most important is consistency. Without that, everything else is useless.

Do that for 6 months.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: