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How Am I Getting On?

I’ve been lifting seriously for a year, and my diet has been steadily improving.

5ft 10
175lbs (Possibly a bit more, I am weighing and uploading pics tonight)

The Lifts: Deadlift: 275lbs for 5
Squat: 190 for 10
Bench: 200 for 5

Are any of these lagging? and how are they compared to my bodyweight/height?

they don’t seem TOO skewed.

how do you FEEL about them?

how is your form? (do research if you can’t answer this)

it’s not like you have a 500lb bench but only dead 100.

They don’t look bad, my deadlift and squat are higher then yours but my bench is not. I weight 178lb currently at 5’11.

I’m actually 5ft11, mistype, form is good. Bench slow down to the chest and power up as fast as possible, Deads, arse out back neutral shoulders back, Squat, to parrallell, slow down power up. Obviously i’m not text book perfect, but I feel I have a good compromise between form and weight if that makes sense?

I feel really strong and solid, i’ve always played sports but my strengths have been endurance based (ex-triathlete) but this is the first time i’ve felt strong and fit!

Numbers seem okay, just remember that your closer to your true weight in the morning so weigh yourself then.

Also keep it up