How am i getting fatter?

Some how… and some way… I am not gaining weight… but I am geting fatter… and my strength is increasing though… im doing the massive eating… maybe im doing it wrong… but im not even doing it to the calories it recomends so i shouldnt be totally overfeeding… Im taking surge and currently on an androsol cycle.;… what p[ossibly could be the problem… im also doing some sprints on non liftin days… except weekends

Relax a bit bro. I was doing an andro/nandro blend and felt the same way you did. However about a week off the blend, I started looking bigger…musclewise. I am not an expert, but I suspect that the andro causes some fluid retention, which makes you feel like you are getting fatter. Again, I cannot 100% guarantee that is the case, but it is something that kinda freaked me also. Finish your andro cycle, and wait a week before panicing.

Even John said that you would probably gain some fat on this diet. Maybe, cut back a bit on the calories to slow your weight gain down a tad. He did caution against the “X-factor.” Just don’t wait until you’re looking like the late great Chris Farley with a water retention problem! HA!

Hey, Spence, mista state champ:-) Before I comment on the topic at hand, just a word of congrats to ya, as it sounds like you’ve got a lot of things going well for ya lately–scholastics, wrestling, training, ladies–way to go, T-bro. Before you get too anxious, just stick with the program and see how things turn out. I don’t have the experience with Andro but I think Big Whopper’s got the head’s up there. How long have you been eating Massively, bro? Did you have any initial gains or did you just start? Like Au Natural said, there’s an X-Factor involved…and remember JB also recently mentioned that some people gain more efficiently (muscle:fat) with a higher surplus (maybe 800 as opposed to 300, hypothetically–refer to Appetite for Construction II). How many cals were you consuming before starting the diet? A huge jump may put on some fat initially but the lean will come. Just don’t hit the panic button and jump ship…either to diet or to adjust macros to large extremes, or you’ll never find out what really works for you. We’re youngins, Spence, we’ve got some time to experiment:-)

Severe stress (college related - the new posting style suggests it), lack of sleep, drinking more than once a week, or something else effecting T? I think lean gains on Massive eating should be around 1/3 of weight gain and cardio should probably help that. Post workout nutrition including after cardio ok? Might be worth a blood test if you intended to get one soon.

well, im getting psot workout for eveerything i do… i take a protein shake before i go to bed… advanced protein… plus natural peanut butter… plus flax oil… plus glutamine… plus a half cup of milk… i have 4-5 carb meals a day… which may or may not be my problem… then my protein and fat meals are basically just ground beef or steak… plus nuts. what do you guys see thats the problem… i feep the fats at the minimum for my protein and carb meals and i keep the carbs at a minimum with the protein and fat… hmmm

Spence: 4-AD is an androgenic substance which causes related water retention in muscle tissue. In addition, many people using 4-AD that I’ve talked to – and myself and, apparently, you – have experienced a fair amount of subcutaneous water retention as well as retention of water in fat cells during the first week or so of their cycles (among other things, people’s abs become obscured or “blurry” for the first few days). Don’t let it worry you, since 4-AD actually works very well for controlling fat gain on a hypercaloric diet as well as aiding fat loss on a hypocaloric diet. Realize the problem for what it merely is and live with it for the duration of its occurrence; any remaining water retention will completely dissipate within two weeks after you’ve stopped usage, leaving you with a net gain of muscle. (Whatever you do, don’t drastically cut your calories at this point or you’ll simply be wasting your money on the Androsol.)