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How Am I Doing?

Okay so Ive been lurking for a while and just decided to sign up and post today!

PRetty much my diet is clean I like to eat tuna and beans as my mane protein sources. I dont eat many carbs cause some of the authors on this cite have scared me a little bit a bout them lol. I do make sure to eat plenty of good fats tho.

I’ve been lifting for a little over six months I train with WS$SB and have been making good progress. I’m up about 7 #s since January and people at school have taken notice!

My best current lifts are:
Bench: 125 x 5 (can’t wait to get the wheels on their)
Squat: 185 x 5
Deadlift: 190 x 5

So my main concern rite now is keepin lean while gaining mass. I work at a pool and I kno it’s silly but I want to keep my abs while I’m guarding lives lol. So what do you guys think I should do? Keep bulkin’ or just maintain during summer and then start goin’ hard again in the fall?

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Your results are going to be hampered if you don’t go for gaining mass primarily, but if you focus on getting stronger you’ll keep making progress, I think. Just make sure you’re not eating too little to do that if you’re not ready to stop worrying about having abs, imo


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As far as your question, you won’t be able to put on maximum muscle mass while staying very lean but since you don’t have much mass yet you might make some visible progress if you put in some real effort. Start bringing up your calories slowly and be sure to get in a good fast absorbing protein/carb drink during your workouts (which need to be VERY intense).

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[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
I think we should just end registrations for the rest of '09.[/quote]

I should have waited till '10 to join.

Hey guys thanks for the input. What would you say is my best and weakest bodypart and how would you bring up those parts? People have told me my best body part is my chest but i personally think that’s what needs to be brought up. How many calories would you suggest for a 160 pounder trying to put on mass?


No legs, no back and you get protein from beans? Here we go again…

It’s like people are just asking to get flamed…try 3500kcal per day and adjust from there.

Dude, You hardly eat carbs??? WTF, your like 120 pounds, this is bbing site, to gain mass you need carbs/protein/calories…Lurk a little longer.

EAT CARBS DAMMIT! ughh no carb shit pisses me off! if your under 200 pounds, dont fucking eat clean “cuz you dont want to gain fat” it just pisses me off thining about it eat fuckin 5000 cals a day and then come back in 6 months

With your body type, or the type it looks like you have, go for carbs and you’ll be fine. If you’re really worried about them, just avoid them your last meal of the day (I’m assuming you’re on a 6-9 meal a day plan. If you’re not eating that many already, start now). For now you really need to gain mass in general.

I say this all from experience. For years, I worked out as hard as I could and saw no major results because I simply wasn’t taking in enough calories to keep up with my metabolism. Once I stopped being carb-ophobic I had no problem upping my intake and have seen steady results since then.

As far as losing your abs for the summer goes…I can say with confidence that people will appreciate 10 lbs of extra muscle on you with some more fat more than your current state. Your “abs” are already nothing to write home about, so what’s the point of wasting some of the best muscle building time in your life to keep them? Get big, then worry about cutting down a little bit and you’ll really have something to show off.

What, beans arent a good protein source? I had read in health class that they were? What would you guys recommend instead???

And I here you guys on the carbs. I’m thinkin about adding them slowly back in.

What do you guys do supplement wise? The personal trainer at the Y told me I ought to get on creatine and perhaps NO Explode. I dunno though, I’m nervous to try anobolics…

At least up your protein, I assume that since you only eat tuna and beans, you probably don’t even get enough protein. Any protein supps? Start on those, too. And you can eat carbs, just the right kinds at the right times.

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[quote]WannaBeRealBig wrote:
Hey guys thanks for the input. What would you say is my best and weakest bodypart and how would you bring up those parts? . [/quote]

Your face is probably the best…Weakest I’d say everything else.