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How Am I Doing So Far?

I want to ask for some feedback on my first seven months of lifting to see what I could be doing better. So far I’ve gone from a ridiculously scrawny 62,5 kilos to a pretty average 83. I’m 178 cm tall and 32 years old.

My short-term goal is to bulk until I hit 90 kilos, then I’ll evaluate where I want to go next. I’m basically trying to get bigger everywhere.

I work out at home with pretty basic equipment - no bench, no rack. I’ve done various programs and had roughly comparable gains on each.

  1. Upper/lower split 3 days a week with 3x10 rep scheme
  2. Full-body training 3 days a week with 5x5
  3. OLAD 5 days a week
  4. CW’s 30 day mass plan (currently)

I’ve stuck to the “just fucking eat” diet and gradually increased my intake. Lots of meat, fish and nuts plus 3-4 liters of milk a day. I used to love food, now I hate it, but I keep stuffing myself every 2-3 hours anyway.

Here are some recent lifts:

Deadlift: 11/129 kg
Hack squat: 3/131 kg
Military press: 57 kg single
One arm db floor press: 4/30 kg
One arm db row: 5/52 kg

And here’s a before/current pic of the legs. Will post upper body next.

As promised, my upper body.