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How Am I Doing So Far?

So a friend got me into weight lifting and ever since i loved it.
I started off at 165 pounds, 5f10 and my main lifts were (weight x rep):

Bench= 65x5
Over head press= 55x5
Squat= 115x5
dead lift= 185x1

Now after 2 months my weight is around the same 168 pounds and my main lifts are:

Bench= 115x5
Over head press= 80x5
Squat= 225x5
dead lift= 240x1

I was just wondering how i am progressing so far

Good progress bud, keep going yah slacker. (I’m that friend)
I’ll see you in the weightroom tomorrow, watch me squat 360. :wink:

It’s funny because 360 isn’t a lot

It’s funny cause I never said it was, and I wasn’t talking to you. Can I not tell a friend I’m excited tl hit a PR squat?

You are progressing well, getting newbie gains though. After a few more months the gains will start getting slowwwwww so be prepared mentally and physically. Well done thus far though.