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How Agressive Does Tren Make You?


I am 23 years. 170 lbs. 5'10" 14% bf...I've been training intensely for 5 years now. Already completed two cycles.

I am thinking of using Drostanolone Acetate 150mg Testosterone Acetate 150mg and Trenbolone Acetate 150mg per week split up eod for 12 weeks*. I have my ancillaries situation locked down.

*Is that too much? do I need anavar?

The main question I have is I bartend part-time, and I am consistently surrounded by a bunch of drunk clowns. I guess you can say that I have an ordinary tolerance to things that piss me off.

But, do you think that tren will amp me up to much? I really don't want to get into any unnecessary altercations at work. Any fight can mean me getting fired or worse a costly lawsuit. Please tell me what you think. All are responses greatly appreciated. Thanks again


not going to comment on your compounds up there
about the tren,everyone is different you may or may not handle it well,I doubt you will get "out of control" you have to keep your owm temper in check if you already have one if you dont then your fine

but something like that you just have to see how you react to it,no one can tell you for sure
but in my experience..no it will not change you into some angry monster,that just doesnt happen it does help you feel better and a bit more confidant like test does anyways


Tren will control you and you'll end up developing two personalities much like Bruce Banner & the Hulk- except anything can set you off. A lot of people also may experience foaming at the mouth and develop other rabies-like symptoms.

This short documentary does a pretty accurate job of describing the effects of Tren:

I wouldn't do it man, I mean after all, your bar-tending CAREER is at stake.



do you just take steroids for the fun of it or do you actually want to make progress at some point in your life???


Yea Bonez I just do it because they make my penis look bigger. It's about maintaining the perfect ratio...Anyway...thank you everyone else for your input.


No but honestly. How do you justify being a skinny-fat 170 with 5 years training experience and TWO CYCLES completed? Im genuinely curious how you rationalize that.

Tren side effects should be the last of your worries.

You should figure out how to eat and train like someone who is serious about this before considering the side effects of the most powerful steroid commonly available.


Instead of turning into a crybaby about what Bonez said, you should better listen. 170 lbs at your height and you claim to train with intensity and you already have 2 cycles under your belt?

I went from 160lbs to 220lbs over 10 years without even thinking about juice.



I went from 160 to 245 in a little over a year without juice. Granted, I was also young, but I had been training for 3-4 years when I started trying to gain weight....


@ BigSkwatta: you gained 85lbs (about 40kg) in a year? What happened? You moved from Somalia to McDonald land? :slightly_smiling:


LOL you can be so helpfull sometines haha funny video though, that's exactly how I have been acting the whiole time on tren JK


I went from being a skinny kid (160)that didn't know how to eat and was only taking in about 1500 calories, and about 40g of protein into a kid that was force feeding himself until he gagged at the table, 10 times a day. 1500 --> 6400 calories makes a big difference.

And I began doing more hypertrophy work instead of just dynamic effort and max effort.

Plus I hit a natural growth spurt then, and grew several inches that year.

It was from 16 to when I was 17 years old.


I worked as a bouncer during my first time using tren, so I was around annoying drunks plenty. The main difference I noticed was I became slightly more paranoid about people starting stuff, but nothing that interfered with me too bad.


I found that Tren Ace (which I cannot tolerate in doses higher than 25mg ED, 50mg makes me feel lethargic and depressed) made me a bit more 'angry' than normal, but not aggressive.