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How Accurate Is This Site?



It's supposed to help determine body fat %.

Anyway, I got 5.5% body fat, which is believable I suppose. I'm 6'2 181lbs. Gaining weight has always been hard for me, and I'm fairly cut.


NO it's NOT accurate..I am 87 kilos and 13% bf I'm not even near 7% bodyfat..and fairly lean is not 5.5% bodyfat,It's shredded.


it said i was 8% but im pretty sure im closer to 15-20.


5.5% is nearly bodybuilder-on-stage cut. You aren't 5.5%.



5.5% is VERY VERY low body fat and not attainable unless you're a genetic FREAK and/or work your ass off.

You don't just end up there.


Yeah I was being facetious, lol. Anyway, calipers can't be too expensive or hard to use, eh?


I got a 4% ... almost competition ready!! FWIW calipers 2 wks ago indicate 12%. No way I dropped 8% in 2 weeks. The site is a fucking joke, but fun none the less


It's totally BOLLOCKS! I got 5.5%...........



Certainly is bollocks, everyone here knows you're 32%


It says I'm 23.5% I think that is not accurate.


Get your fucking facts straight! It's 42.31436% at the moment.



I want to say it's true, but my love handles disagree...


You gotta do it while you have a shoe in your hand to get it really accurate.