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How Accurate is Omron Fat Analyzer?

I am curious as how accurate is results from Omron bodyfat analyzer. I know hydrating the body tends to decrease the reading. I train 3 times a week on bench, etc. No cardio, I set it to athlete. It reads 24.3 before training, 23.9 after training and about 40 oz of water.
I question the results basically because the charts I have read state my max lean bm is around 165. I am 5’10 and 247 lbs. If my math is right, LBM is around 187, which is way over the expected results.
I am 45 years old and have trained off and on since high school, so maybe results are correct? I just have a fat gut and I think I look like fat% is higher?

Omron is an anagram for moron. This is no accident.

Joking aside, I would trust these things to about 10% accuracy if you hit the measuring requirement as per instructions (timing, hydration, distance from meals, toilet use, clothing, planet alignment, etc(


Same with pineapple and “ape nipple”, but that doesn’t stop me from eating them.

…the ape nipples that is. Natural test booster. I don’t eat fruit; I hear it lowers test.

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That’s still around 183 LBM. Guess I need to work on this muscle gut then lol.
Are calipers more accurate? I really like to keep an eye on weight and body fat. I definitely don’t want to go over 250. I noticed an increase in bp with increase in bodyweight.

Do they come in powdered form? Lol…

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