How about this stack...

Just found this stack at an online mag…what do you guys think?

280 mg andriol a day
35 mg winstrol oral a day
(For four weeks total)
Clomid post cycle for 3 weeks
Nolvedex as needed (2 weeks post cycle)

Idea being that the andriol provides the androgens and the winstrol is the anabolic ingredient and they will work together synergisticaly.

I think it looks okay on paper, but that probably means it sucks!

Apparently it was one of Dan Duchaines oral stacks of choice?

It was a cutting/moderate gains kinda cycle.

It was the andriol that caught my eye as I’ve read some very mixed reports on it - some raving about it and some blasting it.

Always interested to hear your opinions…

I never did like andriol.

Whats up with Andriol?