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How About This Schedule?


Thought about this, what do ya think?

My Capt. lost over 100 lbs doing cardio in the A.M. and lifting in the P.M.

I thought about doing sprints in the A.M. and then going with the w/o I mentioned in my last post (Should I add a day?)) So!!! What do ya think?

I have heard that lifting in the PM is better, so what do ya think?

And I have asked this question before and received no response. Why carbonated water with protein powder?


I guess it makes sense. Ive heard several times before that cardio is the morning is much better. Yeah, and the AM/PM thing is just like Waterburys new program that he just released--good stuff. I dont see why it would be bad--as long as you build yourself up to it.

Umm, carbonated water? Interesting....