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How About This Eight Weeker?


Just a little eight weeker I put together, any thoughts?

Prop. 200mg eod
Winny. 50mg eod
Anavar. 80mg ed
Masteron. 50mg ed

I want to run this with some gh at 5 iu's every day but I'm not sure I can get it.
I'm 5'8" 215lbs. About 10% bf very experienced


It would be effective. It's pretty heavy on the orals though, so I really wouldn't recommend it. With the short estered gear you'd do better to drop the orals altogether and increase the injectables, or at minimum ditch one of the orals (preferably winny).


Actually, I was gonna run the winny as injectable, the only oral would be the anavar.


both winny oral and injectable are a bit more harsh on the liver. It still has to be metabolized by the liver at some point. It just seems like a lot with both of those in there, and there isn't enough of a difference (IMO) between winny and mast to gain any additional benefit that outweighs the cons of liver stress (given the high-dose anavar for 8 weeks).

Honestly I like the cycle, it's just the total oral dose of 100+mg/day, especially for such a long period, that bothers me. Considering orals are typically used as kickstarts, and seeing as how you have short-estered gear, they aren't necessary for this. The next reason to use them would be synergy. Now you have to look at how they work and if the benefits of using orals outweights the cons. In this case I would recommend ditching one or the other, and potentially lowering the overall dose if running for eight weeks straight.