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How About Some Intensity?

I am curious as to how my training style would suit you and i’d like to get your views on theway i train from ur own perspective.
Just to make myself clear, i’m not looking for advice here, though if anyone wants to offer tips here and there, ur welcome.

So…it’s divided in two days, upper-lower. Between each session i leave a day off.


A1- Db row
A2- Db flat press
(This is done twice. On db rows i use the rest pause technique after completing 6-8 reps to or almost to failure i rest for 15-20 secs and row for 2-3 more reps. At db presses, i perform a dropset the first time, hitting 3-5 reps to failure with the initial weight and then using 10 pound lighter db’s i perform 2-3 more reps. At the second one i utilize the rest pause technique, first go to failure with 4 reps and then hitting 1-2 more with the same weight)

B1- Pullups
B2- Db shoulder press
B1: 4 REPS bw+45lb rest for 20 secs, 1-2 more with the same weight, then drop the weight and do 2-3 more immediately.
B2: 5-6 REPS, then hit 3 more with a 10lb lighter dumbell)

C1- Bb upright row
C2- Dips
C1: 4-6 reps with full rom followed by 2-3 partials, rest pause and then i hit a couple more with as fullerrom as i can
C2: 5-6 reps with bw+45lb rest pause followed by one more rep with the same weight, drop the weight and hit two more reps)

D1- DB Tri extensions
D2- db curls
D1: 6 reps, rest pause and hit 1-2 more with the same weight
D2: 3-4 reps, rest pause, hit 1 more maybe 2 with a bit of cheating, then immediately pick 10lb lighter db’s and hit 4 more reps.)


Squats: 4 sets (2-6 rep range)
Rom deadlifts: 2 sets 3-5 rep range

3 sets of calf raises(one leg at a time while holding a 110lb dumbell in one hand) supersetted with barbell forearm curls

3 sets of weighted crunches supersetted with neck curls/neck extensions

The upper body workout’s duration is 45 minutes from the first working set to the last.
The lower body takes about 55 minutes to finish from the first squat to the last neck curl.