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How about some beef, jerky?

While waiting in a local WAWA for my $5.00 plain roast beef sandwich (in which I end up throwing away half the bread) I stumbled upon Pemican (sp?) beef jerky.

1 small bag costs only $1, but has 26g of protein, 7g carbs and 2g fat. I was also surprised at the relitively low sodium content of 380mg.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't think of making beef jerky a primary source of protein in my diet, but it sure is less expensive than the protein bars (of which I have 1 per day). It also has a higher protein content.

This begs the question: maybe I should switch from my $2.50 MetRx bar to a $1 bag of jerky? Or maybe the very thought of doing this makes me...well...jerkey.

Good stuff. Just try to get the more natural kind, not the pressed and formed stuff. I eat a lot of it when on the go for snacks. You can get it with less carbs too.

Beef jerky and mixed nuts is a very common meal that I use. Problem is that the Pemmican jerky that you mentioned costs about twice as much per serving over hear in California. Overall, with all the nitrites and sodium, beef jerky is not the best staple choice, but it can be eaten fairly regularly.

Preferable brand: Tillamook Smoker. The usual snack choice for me - and yes, quite a bargain at 99cents a sack.

You might try to make your own. It’s cheaper and healthier. I make mine from wild game, and I’d eat it over pizza and ice cream any day of the week.

Ah yes, beef jerky; the only bodybuilding food that you can buy in a gas station (other than bottled water). Definitely a life-saver in a pinch. I wouldn’t go overboard with it, though, due to the sodium. At the same time, given how downhill Metrx has gone recently, I wouldn’t object to replacing the bar with the jerky.

the pemmican jerky is way too peppery, and the tillamook is way too salty. the most balanced ive had was jack links terriyaki. i think these are good break from mrps and protein bars, when you can’t fit a REAL meal (Massive Eating) into you schedule.

How do you make it demo? Can you do it in the oven? My wife sold my dehydrater at a garage sale last year while I was out of town. I had’nt used it in awhile so she thought I know longer needed it. Had to take a deep breath and count to ten on that one!

You can do it in a dehydrator (as I do), or you can go the next step and purchase or build a smoker (as I hope to soon). I’ve never done it in the oven, but I suppose it’s possible. There has to be a recipe and instructions somewhere on the Internet.

www.melborponsti.com/ jerky/jerky060.shtml

When I buy beef jerky it is usually from my local wholesale store, and is usually SnackMaster’s…much cheaper than Pemmican and many others (not to mention less additives). Like others mentioned, beef jerky and mixed nuts or beef jerky and an avocado makes for a quick P+F meal when on the run.

Slice your beef about a 1/4" thick, and marinade it. My korean marinade is good but you will have to use liquid smoke if you want that smoke flavor. Then heat your oven to 200 and put your meat on sheet pans (preferably on wire racks) then put in your oven for about 5 hours (approximate). You need to wedge something in the door to keep it ajar. 180 degrees F is what you are shooting for. You could do this on your outdoor grill, but you really need control you temp. You could give it a quick cold smoke on the outdoor grill and then transfer it to the oven.

Many people make smokers out of old refrigerators… just be careful with the racks…most grills in the fridge are cadmium plated and leach even more when heated.

I agree with Patricia, Tillamook is the best. It can be hard to come by sometimes. I luckily have a store about 1/2 a mile from the house that has a bunch of it. I think that jerky is a great snack. I am like Jason, I love jerky and nuts. I also love to throw in sunflower seeds and my favorite, String Cheese.