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How About Samples?


I was thinking of how awesome it would be if Biotest offered samples of their products, obviously I know that you must take products for awhile to feel good effects, but I would be willing to pay a small sum to try the products. Being in Canada I would love to at least try them to see which ones I should buy, especially being on a tight budget. Who should I ask about this?

I think if they could put together a sample kit of all their products, that it would be awesome, ie. RED KAT, Alpha Male, M, ZMA, protein sampler, Methoxy-7, Grow! bar, and the others, that would be amazing! Does anyone agree?


Who wouldnt agree to free Biotest Products?


They already offer a money-back guarantee, so I don't see the point in smaller packaging.


When you order from T-Nation you have a ninety day money back return guarantee. This excludes the GROW! MRP's and bars. So, there is no risk in trying a product.

Hope this helps,



usually when somethin new comes out they give out samples. I have gotten free HOT-ROX and Spike in the 6 months I have been ordering stuff here.

BTW, HOT-ROX kicks ass


Plus, if everyone got a free sample (beyond the Grow! bars they already sometimes give away for free) it would increase the cost to you, because for all the free samples, they might only sell (at most) 1 bottle of 60 for each 60 given away.


He didn't say FREE samples.

He is talking about a sampler pack.

Obviously products like Methoxy-7, you have to take for while to see an effect and it wouldn't make sense.

But, an introductory pack, containing a couple single serving Grow! envelopes, Grow! bars, a servings of ZMA, HOT-ROX, Spike, etc. plus a literature packet is kind of a cool idea and something I would have appreciated and purchased when I was totally unfamiliar with the products.

Also a great way for the people who live in other countries and have to deal with higher shipping, customs, and taxes to test drive a number of products and flavors, without the headache of international returns.


Sabrina understands 100%. I didnt say free, I am willing to pay, but would like to try them due to everything Sabrina just explained perfectly, dont think I could have done a better job. Maybe CT should help me get my hands on some up here in Montreal.

BTW, Thanks SAB! Have a great weekend everyone!


well, when i ordered my Spike, i got a sample (3 servings) of HOT-ROX and 1 or 2 Grow! bars.....i guess you're looking for specific sampler packs, though...


Moderator Shaun answered the question here.
What better "sample" can there be, but a money back if you're not completely satisfied sample.
As discussed, many of these products need to be taken over the long haul to see results.
I've always been a little leary of the 2nd day Alpha Male taker who claims a high sex drive and increased power in the gym.


i would like to try a sample of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX. also for test boost which is best Alpha Male or TRIBEX?




Actually, i've seen individually 2-pill package samples of Spike at my local GNC.
Which shocked me on many levels.

I'm in NYC and the largest GNC near me looks like it is downright owned by Biotest.

Both registers have Point of Purchase displays of Spike and TRIBEX. (very nice displays made of substantial materials)

Plus a freestanding POP for HOT-ROX and RED KAT.

I was amazed to see Biotest in there at all, much less given such prominent placement.
Pretty cool.


I got a free box of the old Grow! bars last November.They offer free stuff like every once in a while for larger orders(I belive the bars were free on orders over 150)My very first order I got a free bottle of 4-AD-EC(the liquid version)for ordering 2 4-AD-EC bottles back in 02.


I actually feel more testosterone pumping through my veins after 3 or 4 days,as far as results on mucsle or fat-loss,I think it helps me more as a "feel good" supplement.


you can get some free samples of Spike here:



I don't really think a sample amount of anything but Spike or Alpha Male/TRIBEX would do ANYTHING for you. Those are the only supplements that really make you "feel" anything to my knowledge.

Sampling the fat burning effects of HOT-ROX for 2 days wouldn't really do anything. Methoxy-7 is the same way. They need to be taken long term.

PS - they offer FREE samples of Spike and HOT-ROX if you're interested.


That's right. I got samples of both and a couple Metabolic Drive bars too.


It would be rather pointless with the pill form sups (excluding Spike and I suppose HOT-ROX), but I wouldn't mind a sampler of all the protein flavors. I'm sure others have also had the experience of buying a new flavor of a protein or MRP which for one reason or another just didn't do it. Then there's this near full container you have to choke down for the next few weeks. This is why I just stick with Vanilla since you can't go wrong with that.