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how about anavar and winstrol?


how this cycle sound for optimal gain in power and strenght with out an increse of body weight?


what ,what .what.what,what,what?


i ment how about astack that
combine winstrol{stanozalol}
abd anavar{oxsnadrolone}for max
strength and power.im not sure that my speling is coorect...soory on my englis!


I like var and halotestin
Especially with your shoulder injury I think winny can aggrevate that.
you have to try winny and see.
It hurts me and 4 guys I know...I also know many more who claim no pain on it


i tried winny before and was great for me..no extra pain that im remember
i like halo to but its heavy on the liver as hell..do you think var and halo is the best for strength with out
gaining body weight?