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How About a Transdermal Rez-V?

I was poking around PubMed and happened upon a bunch of Resveratrol papers. Interesting stuff, really…its definitely a hot research topic at the moment. Although there was a good deal of contradictory information there seemed to be some consistent points mentioned:

-Resveratrol has extremely low oral-bioavailability

-“Megadosing” (taking upwards of 5grams) is ineffective as the law of diminishing returns kicks in quite early and plasma concentrations never exceed a certain point.

-There seems to be a correlation between plasma resveratrol levels and many of its purported health benefits, although most studies were quick to mention that even a minute intake, such as could be achieved naturally by eating grapes, peanuts or (yuck) Japanese knotweed.

Then I stumbled upon this. Biotest, you have Bill Roberts working for you. He’s incredibly good at making transdermals. What do you say? I bet this would sell like hotcakes

"Delivery of resveratrol, a red wine polyphenol, from solutions and hydrogels via the skin.
Hung CF, Lin YK, Huang ZR, Fang JY.

School of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei County 242, Taiwan.

Resveratrol, the main active polyphenol in red wine, has been demonstrated to show benefits against skin disorders. The bioavailability of orally administered resveratrol is insufficient to permit high enough drug concentrations for systemic therapy.

In this study, we examined the feasibility of the topical/transdermal delivery of resveratrol. The effects of vehicles on the in vitro permeation and skin deposition from saturated solutions such as aqueous buffers and soybean oil were investigated.

The general trend for the delivery from solutions was: pH 6 buffer=pH 8 buffer>10% glycerol formal in pH 6 buffer>pH 9.9 buffer>pH 10.8 buffer>soybean oil.

A linear relationship was established between the permeability coefficient (K§) and drug accumulation in the skin reservoir. Viable epidermis/dermis served as the predominant barrier for non-ionic resveratrol permeation.

On the other hand, both the stratum corneum (SC) and viable skin acted as barriers to anionic resveratrol. Several prototype hydrogel systems were also studied as resveratrol vehicles. The viscosity but not the polarity of the hydrogels controlled resveratrol permeation/deposition.

Piceatannol, a derivative of resveratrol with high pharmacological activity, showed 11.6-fold lower skin permeation compared to resveratrol. The safety profiles of resveratrol suggested that the hydrogel caused no SC disruption or skin erythema.

It was concluded that delivery via a skin route may be a potent way to achieve the therapeutic effects of resveratrol. This is the first report to establish the permeation profiles for topically applied resveratrol. "

Very interesting.

I haven’t tried it, but I do seem to recall Bill Roberts saying that Biotest Rez-V can be applied topically.

Fill your tub with a fine red wine.


“Anti-Oxidant Bath”

Bring a straw into the tub and you got a self-cleaning system haha!

Read Mod Brian’s post, and start rubbin’.

Oh. Guess I missed that