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How About a Stupidity Vaccine?



This is why I'm not allowed to have a flamethrower...


I am a Christian Conservative, but I have to agree with you. These morons that are holding up the distribution of this vaccine need to have their sacks ripped off like a paper towel. At least then they wont be able to procreate.


The kids are going to do it anyway...

...might as well be as safe as possible.



Let me get this straight:

We figure out a cure for cancer (more or less), and not just any cancer, but the most prevalent form of it, and some folks have a problem with it?

Holy shit.


So, there are people who would rather that people die of cancer rather than have sex? What the fuck? This is how you know that religion in the wrong hands kills...much like "a little" knowledge.


Well said, Prof.


I wish I could say this surprised me. Assholes!


...becuase of course teenagers are dissuaded by the threat of demise 40 years down the road.


Teens have sex? OMG, I think the world is spinning...


Who gives a shit what they're dissuaded by: their parents should MAKE them get the vaccine. I don't recall being given a choice as to whether or not I got vaccinated.

Teenagers are, by definition, morons. That's why we don't let them sign contracts or run hospices.


I'm just gonna play Devil's Advocate for a second here.

  • Ever wonder if Washington Post reporters are on the take from big business? It's cleary written to encourage people to take sides, a smokescreen.

I like how the article focuses on the oppositon arguments from the extreme right only, without commenting on the safety or trial results at all. So either your for the mass distribution of a brand new drug to children(all children), or your a right wing religous wacko who's out of touch with reality, is that it?

Sure it appears to be effective. I bet you could kill pretty much anything with strong enough chemicals. That doesn't mean I'm gonna rush out and ask somebody to inject me with it.

Everybody assumes that because these products are brought to market that they're safe. The long and tainted history of the pharmaceutical industry proves otherwise.

I'm not saying that this won't work, but maybe we shouldn't be in such a rush to pump into our kids.

Oh, and the manufacturer wants to add it to the list of mandatory public school vacs.
Of course they do!! Duh!


That type of stupidity is beyond my comprehension. Not an easy task. These people are serious, Aren't they?
How in the hell do you jump from prevents cervical cancer to promotes teen sex?


Stupidity begets stupidity and I do believe HPV can cause infertility.

Just a thought...


Vaccines don't work by "killing" the disease. That would be antiviral and antibiotic medicine.

Nowhere does it say the vaccine would be mandatory, only "part of become part of the standard roster" given to pre-pubescent girls.


What I'm asking is why are we in such a rush to pump this stuff into our, and our children's bodies? Because Glaxo tells us it's good stuff?

It's still a foreign substance in the bloodstream. It's obviously not inert, or it wouldn't work. What other effects does it have on the system that either aren't known, or aren't publicized? The article in question certainly doesn't address that.

The article does quote somebody advocating the mandatory pre-high school vaccination.

The article states that 10,000 people get it each year. That figure, I assume includes adult cases as well. It doesn't state how many of these cases were caused by the strains of HPV this vaccine is effective against.

So, let's see.
-Millions of sexual encounters each year.
-10,000 cases of cervical cancer each year, unknown how many caused by said sexual encounters.
-Drug company creates vaccine for virus that has been shown to cause "most" cases of said cancer. Unknown what the side or long-term effects of vaccine are.
-Washington Post publishes article explaining how religious right advocate celebacy over vaccine.
-People realize they aren't going to be celebate.
-Everybody jumps on the bandwagon and lines up for the new wonder drug.
-Drug company posts record profits.
-Some people still get cervical cancer.


Maybe they could give the kids Vioxx instead.


It's still a foreign substance in the bloodstream. It's obviously not inert, or it wouldn't work.

Do you actually know anything about immunology and vaccines?





Maybe, before attacking me you should check the dictionary.

Obviously the VIRUS in inert, but the vaccine isn't. It's designed to stimulate an immune response, right? Therefore, the vaccine itself is not inert.

What is the long-term effect of having the additional immunogens in your system? Do you know? Since the phase III trials have only been going on for about a year, I doubt anybody does.

What about the "inactive" ingredients(preservatives and such)? What else is in it? What long-term or side effect do those have? Who knows? Do you?

Again, if it works, great. I'm not pro-cancer or anything. I'm just a bit sceptical when being spoon-fed information from the pharmaceutical companies. They'll always sell you the bright side. Remember Phen-Fen? Vioxx? Baycol? Lotrinex? and so on....
Let's see some long-term studies.


If it is proven that it helps, then administer it. Many Christian Conservatives (not all of you) can have fun sticking their heads in the sand and pretending teens don't have sex.

Not like it helps all that much...preacher's daughters are famously good at doing what they do.


I think the problem from this one arises from the fact that the critics of this vaccine program look too much at the idea of it being for teens. The problem with HPV is that you can get it at any time and get it from someone who is asymptomatic. HPV is just SO incredibly prevalent these days that I don't think we have even gotten a full appreciation for its impact. But if the studies they have showing it could be a cause of cervical cancer, you have to be smart and vaccinate. The idea of a transmittable cancer is pretty frightening, to say the least.

Plus, it's not as if kids will suddenly think to themselves they are bullet-proof for having this vaccine... they do that just fine on their own as it is.