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All the red flags are up.

You are 17.

You have barely started training (1 year? Pffft. I bet you don’t know how to bench or squat properly yet)

You have made good progress but for some strange reason, how you have done that is irrelevant.

You are too young, too inexperienced and too blinded to the obvious to be taking steroids. What you are doing is what every single 17 year old who has ever walked the planet before has done, namely become impatient and you want the world now. Hell, yes, even I was like that. I’m not exactly certain as to what is driving you; insecurity, lack of self esteem, wanting to be accepted, wanting to be viewed by others in a heroic light, wanting those pretty pink things to like you when they can barely hold a single thought for more than 3 seconds, whatever. It’s all the same and it’s not unique. You have the answer staring at you in the face. Work hard. Then work harder. Eat right. Take full advantage of the perfectly balanced, almost zero side effects steroid cycle that your body has running in you now, and will peak over the next few years. You will learn qualities that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Or you could take the short cut, wipe out your natural steroid wave that is beginning now and never learn anything, ending up a self centered whining douche like all those other “bros” out there.

Man up. You will thank me for it when all those other 17 year olds have grown to have big biceps but no balls and a set of gyno tits that will give me a woody.


Read the stickies at the top of the forum. Then wait 3-4 years and re-consider using them.
You have been training for 1 year ffs.



christ on a crosstrainer


Listen to Dave Tate in this video. He refers mostly to athletes but I think it can apply in your case too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7WUHVA9lqE

He is not pro or anti anabolics per se but I think he addresses the issue of when someone needs to start taking steroids well and I think there is something to apply here whether you’re an athlete or not. It starts around 6:20 but the first few minutes of the video are interesting as well.


OK bro even if you were older no one here is going to “set you up” with a cycle personaly i didnt do aas when i was a teen so i couldnt even manage an educated guess. I did dumb stuff when i was 17 and i know no one is gonna be able to convince you otherwise. You justify it with “I think” and “arnold did it” best of luck to you bro


You need to understand that it isn’t about us not wanting you to get big, or that it won’t help.

There are two things that we are concerned about:

The fact that you are young enough that your natural test production will be more than enough for at least a few more years. You are in your prime production period for at least another 5-8 years. Doing anything to mess with your hormones now will affect you for the rest of your life. For the most part, we all understand the blood tests and how each thing like free test, estridiol, etc… is affected by using AAS.

Yu will hear about kids getting big from aas, but the thing that you will not, simply because people do not want to admit when they have fucked up their life for good, is the thousands upon thousands of 20-somethings that are now have to use test replacement therapy for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

While there may be a few people that will post and say “no”, or some other witty comment, take it from someone who was in your shoes. I am so unbelievably grateful to the people that talked me out of doing aas in high school. I am still friends with a lot of the people that almost got me to do it. They are now late 20’s, early 30’s and have to be on TRT.

It isnt about not being able to reproduce, or maybe you will die, or any of the other stuff that the media will do to scare kids. It is about the fact that you have one shot, if yu fuck up your hormones now, you are done. ANd the unbelievably high likelyhood that you do mess something up makes it an automatic no in my book.

Seriously, I understand that you want to do it. But no chemical you take is going to magically make you gain 30 pounds and keep it forever. Learn about nutrition, lift heavy shit, and in 5+ years come back and propose a cycle. Your 25 year old self will thank you for it, I promise.


Maybe actually lift weights for a while first before investing in AAS. Just a thought.


What are your stats so far with the one yr of lifting?


[quote]Alexmon wrote:
I know of many people that took steroids aged 16-18 and obviously they are very big.[/quote]

I know of many people who didn’t take steroids 16-18 and they are very big

[quote]If so many people have taken them as a teenager and can still produce babys then whats
wrong with me taking them? not EVERY single one of them stunt there growth and become
sterile I believe.[/quote]

In my original post I was not talking about infertility. I was talking about a steroid cycle replacing a natural steroid growth phase that would be better than ANY aas cycle. You are at the beginning of your best hormone boost that will EVER happen in your entire life and you want to shut it down with some half arsed aas cycle.

And what makes you think it didn’t stunt their growth? It certainly stunted their true potential because all aas cycles shut down your normal hormone output. That’s why PCT is there, to try to kick start it again.

[quote]I focus on the gym very hard and I am sure I am doing everything
right. Ofcourse I can squat/bench properly, I know exactly how to use the gym! I am a very
dedicated person.[/quote]

Sorry bud, but i doubt very much you know your arse from your elbow. It takes years for a powerlifter to learn squat and bench form properly, and in fact they can always improve. At 17, you, like every single human on the planet who has been a teenager, thinks they know everything. Not being disrespectful, but it’s a fact. I am sure you are a dedicated person as you have put on weight over the last year. So why the fuck would you screw that all up by shutting down your huge natural testo production that is now starting to ramp up. If you have put on x amount of lean mass over 12 months, chances are that you will put on the same again over the next 12 months. Probably more once you learn even more about diet and training (and no, you don’t know it all now. No one does, especially a wet 17 year old). So why use aas to put you no further ahead that you would be anyway?

[quote]The most famous bodybuilders in the world have taken steroids in there teenage years, aparantly
Arnold took dianabol at age 15.
I think there are a lot of myths going around… [/quote]

And this is one of them. “Apparantly” is not fact. Again, you are ignoring the plain facts and grasping at straws to justify your position. I bet that if you asked Arnold now if you, at 17, should take aas he would kick you in the balls.

You “think” but you don’t “know”. Again, what is the point of taking aas when your natural hormone boost now starting is far superior to ANY aas cycle. It has zero estrogen side effects, nothing is shut down, it’s 100% natural and with the right diet and training will give you a growth boost that will not dissapear after 3 weeks. And you don’t have to take those other poisons, adex, clomid, nolva, etc. with all their potential side effects.

Wrong. How can you be 100% certain you will not continue on your line of impatience and need for instant gratification? How may alcoholics have said, “I can stop at any time” or junkies for that matter. It’s a real fact that once you go down this path, nothing else will “do the job”. Steroid addiction is real. It’s a mental sickness similar to anorexia.

[quote]Can someone just help me out so I don’t cross that line… set me up with a suitable cycle?


Sure no problem. This is what you do.

Pick a goal (weight increase or strength increase or whatever)
Set up a progressive training program to reach your goal on a given date.
Set up a diet to compliment your training and goal. (Both of those can be done on this site)
Schedule in 8-9 hours of sleep each night.
Go do it.

No lines crossed. Goal acheived. Natural hormone production fully utilised. You will have learned life long lessons to help you become a real man (self discipline, confidence in yourself, goal setting, self esteem).


Why in the fuck do shit for brains threads like this get more responses, with longer replies, than actual legitimate threads that do not turn your mind to mush? This kid is an idiot, he will figure it out on his own in due time.

The fact that he thinks “sterility” is the only side effect from AAS use shows he does not have a single fucking clue what he is talking about. So why are you people still lecturing him?


Additionally, I’ll point out that the OP is “6 feet tall and 11 stone”

Now for anyone outside the United Kingdom, nobody knows what the fuck a stone is. But google tells me 11 stone = 155 pounds

Let that sink in for a minute. This kid is ONE HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE FUCKING POUNDS…even if you disregard the fact that everyone is 10% bigger on the internet, he is roughly the same size as recent US Womens Beach Volleyball gold medal winners Keri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor.

I hope anyone else that replies to this thread in a serious manner catches AIDS.


[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
he is roughly the same size as recent US Womens Beach Volleyball gold medal winners Keri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor.

that is one of the best posts I’ve ever read!


VTBalla34 i was thinking the same thing, its sad to see.

OP. Where did you read Arnold did steroids at such a young age??


I think what vt is trying to say is you should totally do beach volleyball


Haha that was funny

Maybe steroids aren’t for me afterall…


[quote]Alexmon wrote:
Haha that was funny VT !

Maybe steroids aren’t for me afterall…

Just lift like you have a gun to your head and eat like there’s pussy at stake … regardless of drug use.


[quote]spar4tee wrote:

[quote]Alexmon wrote:
Haha that was funny VT !

Maybe steroids aren’t for me afterall…

Just lift like you have a gun to your head and eat like there’s pussy at stake … regardless of drug use.[/quote]
Fuck yeah I’m gonna do that everytime I lift from now on


Bleh, I hate to add fuel to this:

Hear me out. There is no way you are ready for steroids if your current exercise routine shows that you haven’t been working out correctly if your goal is to gain mass. The fact that you’re willing to do steroids to gain size, but aren’t concerned with the fact that you only lift 3 days a week and go jogging 4 days a week, leads me to believe that you will be severely disappointed with your lack of gains. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it has to be said.

Hey VT 1 Stone = 14 Pounds. It’s a British thing, which is odd because the Brits always yell at me for not knowing metric, but they still use the archaic Stone-weight measurement…and drink Pints, but what do I know? Also, I hope I don’t get AIDS for posting this…

You said:
"I was 10stone and I am now 11 stone.
I think it was mostly muscle that I gained because
from what I remember I am still skinny like I
used to be just extra muscle. "

You gained 14lbs from age 16 to 17? And you think that this is evidence that you have reached your natural potential and are ready to dabble in anabolics? You still have growth spurts coming your way and interrupting your natural production at this point in time is really just short-changing yourself. I hit my first major growth spurts at 14 and gained 30lbs of muscle (I know it was muscle because I was a swimmer and actually had less fat on my body than when the spurts started) between then and 16. I went from 134lbs (9.6 stone) to 168lbs (12 stone). From 16 to 19 I gained another 17+ pounds and lost the last of my “baby fat” and I rarely lifted weights. The teenage years carry crazy changes in your physique, and adding synthetic hormones to the mix will screw up what is happening. You could still have several more inches in height to grow which will not happen if you shoot-up. There are just too many reasons to NOT do steroids to ignore.

Get out a piece of paper; Draw a line down the middle; On one side write all the things that could go right with doing steroids and are positive outcomes. Go crazy! You could even put “Gain 100lbs of muscle” if you want. On the other side write EVERY SINGLE THING that could go WRONG with doing steroids. Include screwing with your growth spurts, frying your HPTA and having Low T later in life, missing out on added height, getting caught by your parents and getting yelled at, and every single potential side-effect from the steroids you’d want to do. See which column is longer…

I know you’re set on wanting to do this, and that you won’t really listen to anything anyone is saying here, but just think about this:

1)You need total strangers to help you design your personal cycle. 2) You’re still growing and have a shit-ton of the hormones you’re looking to inject already running around your system. 3) You are nowhere near your natural maximum mass potential. 4) You still need to learn more about proper diet and exercise regiments. 5) If in the time it takes you to reach your genetic potential for mass (5+ years of heavy and consistent lifting and dieting) you’ve learned enough about steroids and still feel you need/want them to achieve your goals, at that point you will have enough knowledge to safely and effectively add them to what should be a solid diet and exercise plan (since you’ve been studying up on those as well during this time).

Waiting is the right thing to do. You don’t want to hear it because you aren’t in your late 20s recovering from all the dumb shit you did when you were a teen, but that doesn’t make it less true. Put in your time at the gym and at the grocery store, research these topics like there’s no tomorrow, savor the fact that you’re producing the hormones all us old dudes wish we could have without requiring a syringe, and take some time to chill and enjoy life. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.