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How 2021 Was My Best Year Of Training Or How I Learned To Love T3h Pwnisher

First and foremost, this isn’t a back slap thread where I boast about any of my achievements this year. They don’t matter a jot to anyone on here. I’ll likely cop a bit of flak for my acerbic tone however I need to get this message across.

This is more an endorsement of the training style and mindset of the @T3hPwnisher.

It has also been written to give those who create these endless ‘overthinking’ threads a nudge in the direction of the gains they truly crave.

At the end of 2020 I didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing

This is a guy who’s full time occupation is working in a gym.

A guy with 20+ years training experience who’s been soaking up everything that T-Nation has to offer yet was floundering around like Stevie Wonder competing on an episode American Ninja Warrior.

No direction and flipping training programs like some functional meth addict flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Around this point or maybe just before I started devouring the @T3hPwnisher’s log.

His workload astounded me. It flew in the face of everything I had been led to believe over the years.

I was told I had to ‘recover’ and steer clear of cardio if I wanted to create new tissue.

I was politely informed by those in the know that I had to be doing this exercise from that angle and that exercise from this angle if I wanted to open the doors to Gainhalla.

Yet here was this fucking maniac, training THREE TIMES A FUCKING day.

All l the whilst burning fat and building that shit we all crave, MUSCLE.

What stood out was the amount of HARD WORK on display. These were ball crushing workouts that defied conventional thinking and reached the holy number 10 on the RPE scale.

The real fucking 10 by the way, not the ‘10 I think but maybe i has 4 more reps in the tank’

His workouts were up on YouTube as well for the whole world to see. He wasn’t some fucking fat gimp dispensing information on T-Nation forums yet had never posted a photo himself

This training style and mindset was like a chemical explosion going off in my head.

A training red pill so to speak.

I set about it myself around about March/April and decided to train with the mindset 'What would Pwnisher do?’.

If you look in my log, you can see the results for themselves. The gains and improvements were beyond my wildest dreams.

Not only that however my training ‘career’ has took off in a way that I never believed possible at the start of 2021.

I now have a YouTube channel and podcast, talking about the niche I now find myself in. It’s wildly different from how pwnisher trains however the principles are similar.


HARD FUCKING WORK bears fruit regardless of training style.

So next time you decide to create a thread asking for a workout critique or which carb you should eat before you deadlift ask yourself this…

How hard are you working?

Are you in the dark place?

Are you sustaining your presence in the dark place?

This is something that you need to address in order to achieve the gains you dream about.

Your first port of call should be the Punishers log.

Devour this log and soak up everything. You don’t have to train like him but you sure as hell need to emulate his attitude and mindset.

This will unlock the code and allow the alchemy to kick in.

Thank you for everything Pwn. We have a truly unique individual on here.

Make the most of it. I know I have.


Dude, you have no idea how big this was for me to read. It’s crazy for me to think I can have an impact on someone so far away geographically, but we’re absolutely kin in spirit. Watching your transformation has been absolutely inspiring and a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and sheer willpower and brutality. You completely transformed yourself in the span of a year. Appreciate the shout out immensely and happy to share this space with you.


The pleasure is all mines man.

Anyone who reads your log and adopts your principles will make massive gains, regardless of whatever program they chose to follow.

Thanks brother


Without wanting to turn this into a @T3hPwnisher love in, I feel like the intensity brought to each session is only a part of the whole picture. I also think the dedication to nutrition and the willingness to actually engage thoughtfully with his training absolutely set @T3hPwnisher, and other successful trainees apart.


Hat off to you @ChongLordUno, I am a big believer of giving credit where it is due and @T3hPwnisher is most deserving of the well written accolades you bestowed on him above. I think you are both truely great ambassadors for this forum and the iron game in general. The passion you both show for your own self improvement and helping others find their way is a credit to you both. You are like meteorites with a mass that creates its own gravitational field and pulls others along with you. Keep up the good work both of you.


It’s only inappropriate when it’s undeserved.

This is far form undeserved


Well done @ChongLordUno and well-deserved accolades @T3hPwnisher


I’m glad to hear when things are going well for people in general, and it certainly is great for the sport when people like @ChongLordUno and @T3hPwnisher are recognized! Well done gentlemen!