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Houston Texas Strongman


The warehouse gym has moved into a bigger location in Southeast Houston and we are still looking for good lifters or anyone that wants to take their training to the next level. We have nationally ranked powerlifters, pro strongmen (2 time Worlds Strongest Man Competitor, Olympia's Strongest Man, 2 time Texas Strongest Man), and everything in between. Lifters of all strength levels are welcome and prices are VERY reasonable.

I also posted this in the powerlifting section too, not spamming..










Damn! Sick setup! Makes me want to move to Houston. That one prowler looks a little rusty, haha.


Hey matt

I live in Austin. I am a 6'3", 255 lb sophomore in high school. I play center and nose tackle (football). Do you all have any training regimens or such that might greatly benefit me or do you primarily focus on strongmen? I love the gym!!



Hey man, where are ya'll located?


Matt - that place looks awesome!!!


We have everything and anything. I am a powerlifter primarily and there are several of us, bunch of strongmen, a couple MMA guys, a thrower, yadda yadda yadda. Josh Thigpen (competed at WSM 05, 06, whichever were the 2 in china) and the owner Dr Zach McVey do personal training also. If you PM me, I can get you phone #'s or emails.


3830 West Main St, League City Texas 77573


I posted a bunch of pics, but they don't seem to come up for me. If you don't see pictures in this thread, you can see them in my photo page in my profile.


I have a friend who lifted with me at LSU who lives in Spring now. He is looking for a good place and a good group of guys. how would he contact yall? Please PM me with the info.


I moved a year ago from Houston to DC area and I can tell you even if the prowler is dragged daily through a sand pit it is still going to be rusty. It is REALLY hot and humid down there. Things which do not get rusty are usually eaten by Texas size termites...

Doing any sled work etc. during a summer day in Houston is an interesting experience. Plenty of perspiration is guaranteed.


that may be the most awesomest gym ive ever seen. wow.


That prowler is actually not rusty, its a homemade one that one of the strongmen made and it is painted maroon. :smiley:


I picked the wrong time to not live in Houston. I miss it. Great gym, I'd lift there if I was still in Houston.


Represent for the Aggies I expect.


Ha! I never even thought of that, but he is an ex-Aggie! 100 Internet points to you


I'm so jealous! That gym looks fracking awesome!



Ex-Aggie myself. You could say I had an unfair advantage...about half of my own shit is maroon.


Damn I live in Friendswood. Can you send me some pricing info.


Did some prowler pushing on Monday after legs here in Houston. Left exhausted. There are a couple of strongman gyms in town now, but looks like you have the edge on them. Plus our prowler is white. Gig'em!! At least the A&M rec had a deadlift platform. That's rare in gyms nowadays. It's amazing what you can do with tires, chains, and creativity. Nice place.