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Houston Texans S&C Manual


Here the link, im surprised to find this available on the internet.

-Lots of stuff on nutrition.

its a long read…anyway have fun!


Did the Texans s&c coach used to work for the Jags? I worked with a guy a few years back who got cut from their camp, and he gave me their s&c manual. It’s basiclly the exact same.

I stopped reading when I was telling football players with their salaries that protein powder is a waste of money.

Thanks for posting it, though.

I already have it. Dan Riley, the current S&C coach for the Texans used to be the SC coach for the Redskins.

I am not sure if he had a stint with the Jaguars.

He is supposed to be be pretty good. I met a guy that used to work under him for the Redskins last month and has been the Capitals (hockey team) SC coach before becoming a VP of another ftiness/strengh company. I know, whogivesashit.