Houston Lifters - New Training Facility

I have opened a Warehouse training facility on the NW side of Houston that is built for lifters, athletes, and people who are serious about getting the most out of their body. Some of the current equipment I have (with plenty more to come) is:

2 S&P squat racks with monkey bar chin-up bars and dip attachments.

2 Flat to Incline benches

1 Flat bench

Dumbbells from 5lbs up to 70lbs in 5lb increments and then up to 120lbs in 10lb increments.

Pairs of kettlebells from 12lb up to 55lb (a total of 8 pairs I think)

2 Prowlers

2 Sleds

Universal Trainer aka Grappler

Roller/Strap Reverse Hyper Machine


Plate loaded lat pull-down w/ seated row attachment.

3 Texas Power Bars, 1 Rogue Bar, 2 Trap Bars, 1 Safety Squat Bar, 1 Swiss Multi-Grip Bar

50ft of 2" diameter to sit and pull the sled or double up through a kettlebell for battling rope work.

2 Box Squat Stands

500lbs of Olympic Bumper Weights

1600lbs of Free Weights

Vertec (for vertical testing)

250lbs of chains broken up into 5ft increments.

Multiple sets of Jump Stretch Bands


plus all sorts of foam rollers, belts, straps, collars, stopwatches, etc.

Here are some links to pictures of the facility:

You can check out the website at www.Genesis-AP.com

If you get a HS flat-bench, I can almost guarantee Professor X will be there.

im no where in the area but congrats on opening that place up it looks real nice.

Nice looking equipment, you oughta give a plug for the guy who builds that stuff. :wink:

Good luck with your gym and business!

Fuck that looks awesome. What is that, like 1000 sq. ft.?

Where exactly is it located? I grew up in Jersey Village so I know the area. Also the $50,000 question. How much is the membership?

Why couldn’t you build this in San Antonio?


I really don’t like this city anymore.