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Houston Calleth...


Work is transferring me to Houston and I am looking for a house to rent.

What neighborhoods/areas should I look at, or which areas should I avoid?

Looking to spend between $900-1200/month for at least 3 bedrooms.

Anyone know a good realtor there?


I heard there is a gigantic black dentist in the area who eats cheeseburgers while ripping out your wisdom teeth.


you'll be buying this shit by the case, and thanking the gods that it was invented.




PM DJHT. He has a friend in HOuston that's a realtor.


Damn Doogie you went to school with him also. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, where is work? Second what kind of car do you have? Wife? Kids?


I'm just here to complain about my thousand dollar a month studio apartment.

carry on.


I too wish to complain about the rent being high...


Places to Avoid: The Wards area,Aldine,Greens point,Spring Branch,All of East Houston (Everything on the right side of 45)Pasadena, Baytown, and Carverdale.

Nice areas to live in: Cypress,Tomball,Fairfield,Heights,Montrose,River Oaks,Kingwood,Memorial,Woodlands,Jersey Village, and Mid Town.


Clarification: Spring Branch is cool, but it definitely helps if you know some Spanish. Otherwise you'll only barely 'muddle through'. Best place to find Pupusa and Korean BBQ.


Is it too damn high?


I live in the spring/klein area. It's purty.


All I know is you can find a 5 bedroom 2+ bath house in Houston for less a month than what you would pay for a one room apt in New York.

Houston is a great city...aside from the fucking heat.


The mayor is a lesbian.

(Only thing I know about Houston)


I didn't even know that. Shows how much I care about politics at this point.

It's all the same shit.


Houston: So big, its suburbs are in Utah.


There is no way could survive without a car at this point. I don't even see Metro buses out this far.

Honestly, if this were the 1800's, it would take 3 days and about 15 canteens of water to get to work....IF the horse could make it in the heat.


Also, two horses.

At least in your case.


Just haven't updated my location- I drove down to Houston.


What part of town is your job in? This will make a huge difference as you do not want a long commute.