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Anybody here like to work out to trance/house or techno music?..It gets me fired up and in many cases during cut phase, it helps to maintain focus and keep hunger at bay.
Or, do some people here like it in generaly
Just curious

I used to put the Wip3out & Wip3out XL cd’s in the cd player once in a while. Now I don’t listen to anything.

It’s pretty much the only music I listen to!

love it. except for quad day (metal only) i listen to trance for everything. i cant listen to it when i drive though because i zone out to the music and thats pretty dangerous on the road!

Drop some suggested artists on us, guys. I’m new to techno/trance/jungle and all that stuff.

Same here. TRANCE rules. But ocasionally I still like my Mettalica Master of Puppet in perticular.

Thats real tweeked that people like this stuff en massee. I have listened and dj’ed techno/house/progressive trance for some time now, and use it daily during workout, was thinking of integrating it into competition music (the slower melodic stuff)
Artists to check out:
Also, here is a perfect workout hardcore lift jam
Gouryella: Tenshi (Original Mix)

I’m more for progressive and house rather than trance, jungle or drumming bass. Some good house/progressive mixes would include Sasha and Digweed, Way Out West, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke, Kimball Collins, Steve Lawler and a few others that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

House is about all i listen to when i work out, unless i forget my walkman. then i get the pleasure of listening to AWESOME hits such as the backstreet boys, 70’s and 80’s greatest, etc. so i try NOT to forget it!! oh, for some bangin’ house try Bad Boy Bill and Deep Dish. lataz!

It seems about mindless enough to work out to…I think sucking down some nitrous to it would be more appropriate.

Nate, buddy, I think it’s drum and base, not drumming base. Just a stupid technicality, but I haven’t posted in a while and wanted a reason. I like music with words, by the way, so maybe this was the wrong post to reply to.
That techno stuff is really popular over here in Europe and it gets on my nerves.

Pantera is the only band i listen to when i work out.

You are correct (drum and bass). As you can see, I don’t listen to it enough to even get it right in my post! :wink:

No, that fucking techno shit drives up me up the goddamn wall. It’s like being stuck in that sissy-ass Bally’s commerical with Pink or whatever the hell her name is. Anyway, no offense to you guys that like it; I say to each their own. But what can I say; I’m a punk rocker in my mid 20’s so that almost automatically makes me a biased motherfucker.

There is a big difference between the main stream “Dance” or “Techno” that you hear in commercials and on the radio, and the real stuff from underground DJ’s and in a few good clubs.

These guys aren’t talking about radio crap…And we are not talking about Junior Vasquses either Were talking about dj’s like Sasha, Paul Van Dyke, Paul Olkenfold, Dj Teisto the best by the way in my opinon, Cosmic Gate ect… I ususally download from my cpu. I love the live essential mix stuff.

By the way all you TRANCE HEADS do know any where I can buy COSMIC GATE CD’s??? I saw a CD in a record store in NYC but I didn’t have cash on me at the time I went back the next day and they were sold out and I keep on checking with the store to see if they had anthore shippment but they never did its been about six months since then any ideas where to get Cosmic Gate CD’s???

I’m with NateDogg on this one. The hard hitting, fast paced beats in progressive do it for me everytime. Although, Disturbed does just make me want to break something or slap someone… I’m better off with trance.

Fittone–Check out the Ministry of Sound website. I believe you can find Cosmic Gate CD’s. I know they were selling the “FireWire” CD when it first came out. Or you could cheap out and download from WinMX. Try typing in Cosmic Gate, if not try typing “Exit” or “Sound Factory” or “HardTRaxx” as a lot of Cosmic Gate songs are on these promo CD’s. Also check out DJ Wag (life on Mars) and Derb.

Hell to the zeah. I love techno. Here is the thing I love all music. Rap, classical, country, alternative, randb, you name it. However, techno not only lifts me up but keeps me there. I am in a positive energetic mood, where as alternative, rap, or metal pisses me off and makes me want to kill something lol. I don’t know why, but it does. Techno and trance though like I said lifts me up and maintains me. It is awesome. When relaxing I like some classical, randb, anything slow and acoustic I guess. Peace.