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House Trains his Foundation



Apparently his calves aren't quite big enough.


I'd really like to see him do some damage in the pro ranks.


he's fucking huge

anyone know who's on that "pump fiction" poster on the wall at the end?

no homo...but that dude has a mad big ass


House is a beast.

I would like to see this guy do big things in the world of bodybuilding. He's somebody I look up to as having a set of calves that just aren't possible for me lol


I've always liked House. Cool guy... pretty quiet. I always like him because I feel like my calves CAN get to that level pretty easily. :slight_smile:


His feet are terribly unproportional. Seriously it looks like he has the feet of a 10 year old. I guess that's what happens when your calves are the size of most peoples legs.


You do not have to say no homo. It's a chick doing a bird dog.


The machine he uses at the beginning is what I use for squats now...and it has really made a difference. The machine at my gym is slightly different and follows a more natural arc of movement which allows me to go pretty low.


glad I'm not the only one too notice, its good too see that atleast his back width has come up in the video - him and the rest of the animal pak guys Id like to see make a bigger impact on the pro circuit


Holy shit. Those calves are the biggest I have ever seen for sure. Are his trousers up like that because his calves are too big to pull them down all the way? LOL


you mean the hack squat? least that's what I call it, even though I think the actual name of the designer is different.

anyways, I like how does the step off with one leg, pretty good idea


That's not a hack squat. A hack squat is on a rail. That machine mimics a real squat pretty damn close, especially the one at my gym. I also have Johnnie Jackson's training vid and he uses that for legs also.

House does a shit load of unilateral movements for legs. The only thing I want to know is if he has done that for years to reach where he is now or if it is something he just added in.

I usually only do one legged presses on the leg press machine as a warm up before moving to that squat movement. Maybe I should give that one legged shit a try.


In my gym it's called the "super squat". I've never used it because it always looked awkward when people were doing it. Go figure, the morons in my gym were facing the opposite direction while doing it lol.

The real hack squat machine is actually a nice piece of equipment that allows for a bunch of different foot placements.


I still do significant 2-leg work, but unilateral work just tears my legs up way more than bilateral stuff can. Except for leg press


Is it the hammer strength v-squat that you use? If it is, do you go in facing the pad like was he was in the video, or use it with your back against the pad?


it's designed to be used either way actually.


the "morons" in your gym werent using it wrong, it's designed to face towards the machine or away from it. at least the morons didnt write-off a perfectly good piece of equipment simply because it looked awkward when they saw others using it...

those that have this machine available- it can also be used to do good mornings with. not exactly the same movement, but a good alternative to barbell version. you can also finish off your traps using it to shrug- just like Thibs has advocated using a standing calf raise machine for shrugs.

obv it can be used for other things- calves, etc, but the above two i have actually used it for


That's the closest to the one I use only it isn't Hammer Strength and the foot platform curves (concave). I face outward on mine away from the pad and try to go as low as I can. I also go pretty heavy (or so I would assume judging by the stares I get when using the heaviest weight I go up to).

Edit: Mine also holds eleven 45lbs plates on each side. That one in the pic seems to not even hold half that.


In the video, he is using a TK STAR Squat Machine.

I found one on Ebay.


By awkward I mean dangerous. Tons of tailbone rounding. Heels coming off the ground. Stuff like that. My legs have been growing fine from hack squats and leg press. I don't really like changing exercises just for the sake of it. One day I'll give it a try though, and it's good to know that there are multiple ways to use it. Thanks