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House Training, F*** the Virus

Hi if u have some sugestion for my program house, i think that i will not have the possibility to go to the gym for 2month easy.

4x week
Monday wenesday friday sunday and so on

1 warm-up and 3/6 sets depend of my mood and maxium reps for all of the exercices

Pull up
stiff legged deadfit
press arnold or dumbell military

2 exercices isolation

  • curl barre and so on
  • 1 other exercices for my back

Finisher abs/ Core exercices

Somethime i will change the order, exemple if monday i start by chest, wenesday i will start by the back ect.

And i will change also the exercices like " monday Dips, wenesday push up weighted… for all of them i will change for don’t stay in a routine.

The rest time will be like that " 1 minut if i don’t use weight or elastic resistance " 2 minute if iam weighted or use elastic for dips or push up

one of the 4 training will be just a circuit training Dips pull up push up supersets without rest something la 2 2 2 4 4 4 6 6 6 8 8 8 6 6 6 4 4 4… and supersets biceps/triceps

Choice of my exercices ( i had only 88 lbs maxium that i can use)

Chest: Dips, push up
Legs: Squat, front Squat
Back; pull up pronation/supination
Hamstring: stiff deadfit or goodmorning
Shoulder: arnold or military dumbbel

Curl barbell …
Barbell row or dumbell

Thank u, and take care of u and ur familly in this confinement,peace

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