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House: the Epic Return of 13


For those who are avid followers of the House series, what did you think of the manner in which they brought 13 back?

I'm glad she's back on the show (serious eye candy!) and I thought the storyline behind her disappearance was quite powerful.


Man, she was one of the major reasons I watched house.

No idea what it is about her but she is a knock out.


I may be the minority but I don't think shes all that hot, stick body face ok at best. Now the way they brought her back was pretty cool and since shes been back shes been more interesting than she used to be.


Very surprising re entrance. But exactly did she do again? Because if she did what I think she did(help kill her brother at his request), how the hell did she get a job again?


She plead down to abusing giving out prescription I think so she didn't goto jail for killing her brother.


Haven't watched the episode yet since it's TIVO'ed, but YES.



Insanity. Olivia Wilde is incredibly gorgeous.


Always seemed like a pretty one-dimensional character inserted into the show to better hold the attention of the penis-wielding members of the audience.

I do like watching her, although I don't care at all about her "story" and don't like when writers force characters on us that have little to do with the rest of the show. I watch House for two reasons: 1) the medical mysteries. (2) Hugh Laurie.


house is a decent show but if you really want to watch a great great show, check out supernatural.


Ahh ok. I figured I miss something.


Im not sure if you are being sarcastic or not but I enjoy the hell out of that show.