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House of Pain Still in Business?

Does anyone know if the House of Pain is still in business?
I paid through paypal, paypal took the money, but I didn’t get any order receipt or acknowledgment from the HOP.
Their email address I got from paypal is not in use, and their online contact form doesn’t send anything to acknowledge my message.

I guess i’ll call them on monday, but in the mean time, anyone know anything?

Haven’t heard anything, but all three of their domain names still seem to be linking to the same site…which looks active to me. Did you hear back?

Hey there if this is any help. Yeah they appear to still be in buisness. I was emailing the Rick Brewer (owner?) all day today for help on choosing an Inzer belt and how much it would cost to Scotland and ordered it. I got several emails all very quickly from him today. Take from that what you will. Lets hope he doesn’t run away with my money :P.


Call them, they are in business, I do my ordering all by phone, its easier for me.

They still appeared open the last time I drove past there about 2 weeks ago…

sorry about the non-post.
rick told me everything is in order.
i haven’t gotten the package but i’m on the other side of the planet, so i guess it’ll take awhile.