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House of Pain a Legit Site?


Has anyone ever bought from the House of pain website?

Im lookin to get a singlet from there, and dont wanna get fucked over.



My brother orders off of there a lot and has never had a problem. One of the dudes there actually ran after the UPS guy to put another shirt in his box so it would make it on time for christmas.


I bought my knee wraps from them several months ago. They had the best price i could find and quick shipping so i was happy.

They even hand wrote my name and a short thank you on the invoice.


Aw how sweet.


Yes, they are legit. They have been in business for a long time and have always had great customer service and decent prices.


Ok, thanks guys.


They are a legit company. They are a just a few miles from me. I have been in there several times, very nice people.


"Size SMALL may take an extra week to ship."