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HouPour Training Log

here goes, the start of a new log, 1/8/13. been training for a while, so i thought i would give training logs a go to keep track and also keep myself entertained during the long days and nights. 1:40am right now, i think its most definitely time to sleep. up early for a beasts breakfast followed by a gym session at 1:30pm (approximately around that as i am terrible with keeping track of time). so there you have it, good night folks!

EDIT: I will include some of my information here as i being the rookie i am, totally forgot to mention anything.

created this log to not only track my progress, but to also give myself a means of comparison with previous workouts.

– Age: 19
– Height: 6’2
– Weight: approx 201lbs (91kg)
– Training duration: approx 2 years, started at the end of being 16, up until now. Only recently within the past 8-9 months have i been taking training seriously and giving it my all. Always have been interested in the gym, ever since my uncle used to take me when i was 6 to the gyms in Iran.
– Nationality: Iranian (British living in England)

Career Personal Records:
– Back Squat - 172.kg
– Deadlift - 190kg
– Bench - 115kg
– Push Press - 90kg (2 reps)
–Leg Press - 520kg (4 reps)

Goals by the end of this year:
– Squat - 180kg
– Deadlift - 200kg
– Bench - 125kg
– Push Press - 100kg (1 rep)
– Leg Press - (leg press apparatus cannot physically hold anymore weight so i am not sure) :(((

Goals by the end of next year:
– 90-95kg, at 8% Body Fat
– Squat - 200kg
– Deadlift - 225kg
– Bench - 140kg
– Push Press - 115kg
– Leg Press - over 600kg realistically

Ever since i started training, i have been pretty much doing the same old 6 day split of Chest/Back/Shoulders/Legs/Arms/Rest, and now i feel i need to change it up a little. As i am a university student in London, currently living at home during the summer, as soon as i arrive back in london, i am interested in starting a programme which will help excel my physique and give me a boost to all my main lifts.

my diet is pretty much the standards, but i will starting keeping track of that very soon so be on the look out for that!

here goes, gym starts in 1 hour tops. going for a much higher intensity session today, trying to finish an arms and core session with a 10-15 minute hill incline walk within 1 hour. Workout posted after the session

Arm/Core/Incline walk.

arrived at the gym at 3:15pm (like i said above, i am disgusting with time).
started off with triceps, followed by biceps and repeat.

  1. Tricep Cable Extension (Triangle 90 degree handle) - 4 x 10/10/8/6 (reps) on 60lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs, 105lbs
  2. Seated Bicep hammer to curl w/ dumbbells - 4 x 10/10/6/10 (reps) on 35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs, 45lbs
  3. Tricep dips on 2 benches - 4 x 10/10/10/10 on BW, 20kg + BW, 40kg + BW, 60kg + BW
  4. Dumbbell Preacher Curls - 4 x 10/10/10/10 on 25lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs (just), 30lbs
  5. Superset of Hammer curls + Tricep cable pulldown with double-ended attachment, 4 sets of 10 reps each, 10-20 sec rest periods
  6. Skull Crushers at high(ish) volume - 5 sets of 20/20/20/12/10 on 30kg, 35kg, 35kg, 50kg and 55kg.

3 different exercises for core, working predominantly on the ‘upper’ abdominal section and the obliques.

10 minute (short i know, but i have legs day tomorrow and i dont want to tire myself out) inclined walk, at a fast walking pace and a rather incline setting.

Just about 2-2.5 litres of water drank within and after the session.

BW after the session: 92.4kg (possibly alot of water weight as im usually 91kg)

big day tomorrow, Squat PR, 172.5kg attempt if everything goes to plan. Body seems to have recovered well from previous workouts, slight twitch on the hamstrings but hopefully gone by tomorrow with abit of rest and heat. 3pm at the gym, but for now, goodnight

Squat PR success! 172.5kg hit, with very good form. Don’t think i got ass to grass though, but none the less i was at 90 degrees bare minimum. A very good day at the gym, slow start, but a nice high intensity workout after the initial squat and leg press efforts. Todays routine is as follows:

  1. Squats: 7 sets consisting of 10x60kg, 10x100kg, 4x140kg, 1x160kg, 1x172.5kg, 10x100kg, 8x100kg (last two sets are high intensity with 1 minute rest periods)
  2. Leg Press: 5 sets, from 300kg to 450kg. Pleased with the reps, obviously decreased with increased weight. Pretty much had the machine at full stack
  3. Leg extensions: 3 sets of 52.5kg, 67.5kg and 75kg. 10 reps each, with 1 minute rest periods
  4. Superset of standing calf raises and single legged hamstring curls. 4 sets each muscle, 10 reps each set.
  5. Seated calf raises, 4 sets of 15 reps, high volume/ intensity.

Didnt check bodyweight, but found out I am apprpx 12-13% BF, which i want to get to 9-10%.

one of the pictures from my 172.5kg squat PR. A momentous day, long 2 months fought to earn this. I want a 4 plate squat before i reach 20 years of age.

yesterday was my rest day, its been a long time since i had a rest day and i just wanted to get rid of the niggles in my body. Spent the day resting and felt fully replenished in the morning. Totally worth it,. I have had problems previously with my right knee with an ACL tear over 3 years ago, and only underwent surgery 2 years ago (as the injury somehow went unnoticed for over a year). I have made a full recovery around a year ago and went for a check up 2 days ago to which my physiotherapist stated my knee is doing extremely well and the surgery was definitely a success.


Right, its been a while, sorry for not posting. just been extremely busy, but it hasnt stopped me from the gym.

Shoulders yesterday, good session, got alittle fatigued quicker than i thought. Started off with seated press, went reasonably well, took it light and got the 8-10 reps. 60kg. Had my pre workout after this workout with a 10 minute rest period and i felt better than ever. my pre workout right now is DS Craze. Following my break, dumbbell military press. got up to 80lbs for 3 reps, with 7-10 reps on the previous weights of 75lbs, 60lbs and 50lbs. Everytime i got less than 8 reps, i got lighter dumbells and made up the missing reps up until 12 reps. Felt pumped after this, and went straight onto working the rear delts with incline rear flies. felt good, only light weight for 12 reps. following this i supersetted single armed lateral raises with the machine shoulder press, going pretty heavy on the machine for 8-12 reps and reasonably light for the raises for 10 reps minimum. 30 second rest period and then back at it. Finished off with shrugs supersetted with front dumbbell raises. Good session, felt harder than usual but i assume thats due to the higher intensity than usual. Very surprised to see myself weighing at 89.9kg and then 90.9, so rather confused at which weight is correct.

Alot of fish eaten this day, and chicken breast. took my shake, creatine and glutamine. need to stock up on the multivits and zma. Fish oil taken too, 3 tabs. running low though, which is rather annoying

Been a while again guys, sorry, really hectic . Log is now officially priority number one, so expect to see posts on time from now on! Right, back to where we left off!

8th of June, the next training day following my shoulders and rest days. Start of a new programme for me, trying to work on strength and building muscle. First of all, i would like to mention that i have been having rather strange and unseen weight fluctuations, which may be due to the weighing scales but i cannot 100% guarantee that. Okay, back to the programme. What i am trying to achieve here is a HSS-100 type of feel, but with a few twists. For the first exercise of each day, i am going to choose an exercise for the 4 major muscle groups worked, which are split up into chest/ back/ ‘legs’/ and shoulders (all done on separate days), and build up to a 1 rep max each time, going for less rep/ more sets. Chest = Barbell Bench (something i have struggled with frequently), Back = Deadlift (recently seeing improvements as my deadlift was previously rather weak), ‘Legs’ = Back Squat (coming back stronger than ever since my ACL reconstruction) and Shoulders = Overhead Press (Push Press integrated). Following these low volume/ high weight lifts, i will be going into the standard exercises which work the specific muscle group, going for 3-4 sets doing 12-8 reps depending on the exercise. Finally, i will finish on a high volume lift, doing 15-20 reps and trying to get more of a squeeze than anything else. I am doing this programme as i feel the HSS-100 routine seems a bit too broad, and i want to train to increase my 4 major lifts which are the first 4 exercises mentioned above. This programme is more accustomed to me which makes me feel comfortable and i dont have to follow a specific plan (which i dont specifically like because i know my body and what exercises i do/do not like)

Anyway, 8/8//13, Legs day starting things off. Since it was a while back, i cant remember every single detail (i know, im sorry, i should have done it sooner) but i will include as much as i can.
Started off with squats, and worked my way upto 140kg for 6 reps, pretty standard really, nothing too hard. Been a while since i have done actual rep work on squats so it felt pretty nice. Got around 5 sets out of this, working from 100 to 120, to 3 x 140kg.
Box squats followed, which were done at a reasonably high weight and low rep count. One of the first times i am doing box squats, so i didn’t want to push too hard. got up to 140kg for 3 reps, but i think because i was going at a pretty high intensity so i definitely felt drained towards the latter of the sets.
Leg Extensions for 4 sets, 12 reps down to 8 reps, full stack. pretty simple, may need to slow down though and get more of a squeeze (which will mean lower weight)
Barbell Split Squats, 2 sets of 8 reps each leg at 50kg, didn’t feel too comfortable so i just avoided doing the 3rd set.
Hamstring curls, going for 4 sets working up the weight. got 12/10/10/8 reps, but the last set was a killer, didn’t feel too pleasurable as it was as heavy as ive ever gone.
Standing ham curls, not concentrating on the weight, but more the squeeze, so got 3 x 10, felt reasonably good.
Romanian Deadlifts, 3 sets of 10 reps, felt perfectly fine up until 120kg, where it felt practically impossible (not usually the weight i do, i usually do 140kg+ so i assume my hamstring was extremely worn out). got 8 reps on 120kg but gave in.


Weight at the end of this session was 89.5kg, which really did shock me as i havent been below 90kg in almost 5 months now?

9th of August and its Chest day, My training partner is Gukl for the next few weeks as we get this programme underway together.

Barbell Bench: 60kg for 10, 80kg for 10, 90kg for 8, 100kg for 4, and then 80kg high intensity for 5 sets at 5 reps. 1 final set at 90kg for 5 reps.
Incline DB Bench: 4 sets of 10-8 reps, not as heavy as usual, wouldnt be able to hack the load following a heavy barbell bench session.
Dips (parallel bars): 10 x BW (90.4kg), 8 x BW + 20kg, 12 X BW.
DB Flies: 40lbs x 10, 50lbs x 10, 60lbs x 10 (just about)
Cable Flies: 2 sets of high cable flies, 12 reps, followed by 2 sets of low cable flies (pulling the cable upwards) for 2 sets of 12 reps.
Decline-Neutral-Incline Press Ups: To failure

BW at 90.4, drastic increase from the previous day. Alot of fish consumed this day, not so much carbs or fats. mostly proteins.

9th of August and its Chest day, My training partner is Gukl for the next few weeks as we get this programme underway together.

Barbell Bench: 60kg for 10, 80kg for 10, 90kg for 8, 100kg for 4, and then 80kg high intensity for 5 sets at 5 reps. 1 final set at 90kg for 5 reps.
Incline DB Bench: 4 sets of 10-8 reps, not as heavy as usual, wouldnt be able to hack the load following a heavy barbell bench session.
Dips (parallel bars): 10 x BW (90.4kg), 8 x BW + 20kg, 12 X BW.
DB Flies: 40lbs x 10, 50lbs x 10, 60lbs x 10 (just about)
Cable Flies: 2 sets of high cable flies, 12 reps, followed by 2 sets of low cable flies (pulling the cable upwards) for 2 sets of 12 reps.
Decline-Neutral-Incline Press Ups: To failure

BW at 90.4, drastic increase from the previous day. Alot of fish consumed this day, not so much carbs or fats. mostly proteins.

10th of August, and its back day. I regard back day as my ‘worst’ day because i really do push myself harder on deadlifts than any other exercise, so it really does tire me out. So, here goes:

Deadlifts: worked my way up to 180kg, which was reasonably simple for a single rep. Hit 190kg x1 after, again, pretty straight forward (this is my matching PR). Went for 192.5kg which i got up until my quads, but didnt have it in me to fully straighten my back without possibly hurting myself. Tried it again, to which this time i couldnt get it off the floor haha. 160kg x 3 reps for 3 sets followed, reasonably easy but was starting to see some lower back pain during the latter sets.

Pull ups: 3 x failure, got 8 full reps, and around 5-7 partials following. Pretty strenuous and taxing in my eyes.
Chin up - 2 x failure, with partials again. pretty much the same numbers as my pull ups.

DB Row: Pretty strict form, straight back working on getting the weight up without using much momentum. 70lbs x 10 reps, 80lbs x 10 reps, and 90lbs x 10 reps. 90lbs was considerably heavier than the rest and felt harder than usual due to the heavy deadlifts and pulls/chins to failure. Usually do 100-105lbs.

Lat Pull Down: I changed my lat pulldown mechanism alittle as after inspection i noticed that the form wasnt 100%, due to the bar being slight more forward and raised on my right hand side compared to my left. Not sure what the problem is here, but i assume it has something to do with my right shoulder and its hyper-flexion. Decided to instead do single arm lat pull downs, and felt like this is the best decision i have ever made, felt much more comfortable and felt a real contraction at the bottom. 3 sets of 10 reps on 60lbs.

Seated double rows, on the machine: 20kg a side 3 x 10

Straight arm lat pull downs (w/ rope): 70lbs x 12, followed by 2 sets of 60lbs for 12 reps each. Felt a nice contraction on the 60lbs, but the 70lbs didn’t feel too comfortable at the higher weights which lead to the bending of the elbows in the last few sets. My Lats were destroyed by this point! (more on my lats at the end)

Good session overall, got what i needed, nice tight feeling in my back at the end of the session. Ate correctly in the morning, got the regular protein in through eggs and alittle bit of meat. Chest feeling sore, but nothing like the feeling on my legs, which to be truthful didnt feel too nice.

Basically, as i said, i would include more on my lats at the end. I am currently going through a ‘mid-life crisis’ as i cannot tense my lats lol. They just wont. I dont know how to, to be fair. In relation to this, may you all wish to call my LatsBrah from now on. Thank you.

Sorry guys I have had a hectic few days with results day being today so i wasnt really focused on my log. However, gym was done everyday :smiley:

Okay, 11th of August:


  • Push Press: 75 x 3, 80 x 3, 85 x 1, 75 x 3

  • BB OHP: 60kg x 8 x 3

  • Arnold Press/Machine OHP (Superset): 150lbs x10 , 165lbs x 10 on the machine /// 45lbs 2 x 10 on Arnold

  • Lateral/front/rear delt raise supersetted: 20lbs 2 x 12 (laterals) // 20lbs 2 x 12 (front) // 15lbs 1 x 12 (rear) + 1x12 machine rear delt flyes

  • BB SHRUG: 120kg x 10 // 140kg x 10 // 80kg 1 x 10 (holding squeeze a top)

  • Face Pulls (From high): 25kg 3 x 12

  • Skull Crushers: 30kg x 10 // 40kg x 10 // 50kg x 6 + 30kg x 6

  • Alternative DB Curl: 50lbs 3 x 8

  • Overhead DB Tri Ext: 65lbs x 10 // 75lbs x 10 // 85lbs x 10

  • Hammer Curl: 40lbs 3 x 10

  • DB preachers (bicep) + Rope pushdowns (tricep) Superset: 25lbs x 12 (bi) // 50lbs x 12 (tri)

August 12th. Rest day, finally after a while. Body was starting to deteriorate, could definitely feel the soreness in the recently trained muscle groups. Heat treatment pretty much every night, helped the soreness definitely. Kept my diet at pretty much low carb, moderate fat and high proteins (coming by way of mostly chicken and fish).

Organised a Basketball game which was fun, 5 on 5, pretty intense. Definitely didnt help with soreness, and tweaked my left knee, and could feel real soreness on my left hamstring near the bottom. Took it pretty slow from here on (resulted in really shit play but hey, Gym > Basketball right?). Overall a good session until the minor tweaks. Knees pretty inflamed after, took it easy the rest of the day, iced then heated both knees later on in the day.

13th of August

Meant to be legs day, but i really don’t feel i can work at an optimum or even close. Knees still sore, specially the left. Difficult to walk for some reason due to hamstring pain. Could have maybe performed at 60-65%, but i would much rather have the extra day of rest and get 80-85%. So, Chest day it was! Not a bad session, pushed it hard.

  • Barbell Bench: little bit of warm up work until i reached 80kg. 80kg x 8 // 90kg x 6 // 100kg x 3 + 60kg x 9 (12 rep) [did this for 3 sets]
  • Paused Barbell Bench: 60kg x 10 x 3, slow motion downwards, pause for 2 seconds, and conc. on exploding upwards.
  • Incline bench: 55lbs x 10 // 65lbs x 10 // 75lbs x 6 + 55lbs x 4 // 55lbs x 10
  • Decline Bench (smith machine): 60kg x 10 /// 70kg x 10// 90kg x 8 (LOL at Gukls technique/ use of the smith :D)
  • Machine flies: Not sure the weight of this machine, but i did mid stack for 10 reps, and then quarter stack at 2 x 12 slow squeeze reps
  • High cable flies: 25kg x 10 // 30kg x 10
  • Low cable flies: 15kg x 10 // 20kg x 10
  • Push up drop set: 10 decline + 10 normal + 10 incline. Nice burn.

14th of August

One of the best leg sessions to date. No 1 Reps, just constant reps. Came to the gym late so not alot of time, had to work through everything in under 1 hour so it was definitely a fun session. High intensity, and my sweat glands were secreting like bitches. None the less, hard work and it felt goooood after the session

  • Back Squats: work upto 120kg, a few sets of slowly regressing reps. 120kg x 8 // 140kg x 6 // 2 x 140kg x 7 (a rep PR)
  • Box Squats: 2 sets x 120kg x 3 // 1 set of 130kg x 3. On these box squats, I concentrated more on the explosion motion, and had a 3 second pause at the bottom so the explosion can have as little momentum as possible. Slowly squatted onto the box to avoid any spinal tension from the advice of my training partner Gukl.
  • Leg Press: started off with 6 plates either side, worked my way upto the full stack. Full ROM leg presses, legs were really digging into my ribs. Did 4 sets, gradually increasing weight to 450kg (full stack). 8 reps on everything bar the final set, which I did 6.
    Leg Extension + Laying Hamstring Curls Superset: 67.5kg 3 x 10 (ext) // 50kg x 10, 60kg x 10, 70kg x 10.
  • Seated Calf Raises: Half Stack x 10, 3 sets moving up to 3/4 stack all at 10

Good session.

15th of August

Today is Shoulders day. Still feeling good from yesterday’s session, and I trained at night due to it being results day! Got into Uni, so life is good right now! Got to the gym at 7:35-45, so had just over an hour, so me and my training partner decided to do shoulders and triceps only. So here goes…

  • Standing OHP: a few warm ups up until 60kg. 10kg increase per set. 60kg x 10 // 65kg x 8 // 70kg x 6 // 75kg x 2 + 60kg x 6. Last set was a killer, felt pretty uncomfortable so I just released it after 2 sets.

  • Push Press: 75kg x 3, 80kg x 3, 85kg x 2 + 75kg x 4. 85kg may have been too much of a large ask

  • Machine Press + Arnold Press Superset: 180lbs 2 x 10, 165lbs x 10 (mach) // 50lbs 3 x 10 (Arnold)

  • Lateral Raise: 20lbs 2 x 12

  • Front Raise: 20lbs 2 x 12

  • Skull Crushers: 30kg x 10, 40kg x 10, 50kg x 6 + 20kg x 6.

  • Dumbbell Tricep Ext: 65lbs x 10, 75lbs x 10, 85lbs x 8 + 65lbs x 4.

  • Tri Pulldowns: 45lbs 3 x 12 // Dropset from 60lbs to 20lbs, around 20-25 reps completed.

Good session again, better at the beginning compared to the end. Didnt sleep at all from nervousness the night before so I was really tired towards the end. My pre-workout pretty much kept me awake, would have been a goner. Got home at 10:30, and fell asleep on the couch at 11. So that’s how tired I was…

Back session today, currently at the gym, doing my log on my break, nothing better to do! So it’s back first, and then a little trap work followed by biceps. Doing trap work inbetween to give the biceps a little break before the transition

16th of August, and its back day, followed by a quick bicep session. Feeling good, the day after my results day and im raring to go. The routine is going strong, and im ready to go H.A.M for this session! (hard as a motherfucker for all you oldies!). Here goes:


  • Deadlifts: All of warm up work done, leading up to 140kg. 140kg x 6. 160kg x 3. 180kg x 1. 192.5kg FAILED. Did 140kg 5 sets of 5 after my failure. working on the pump and getting the technique as close to perfect as possible.
  • Pull ups: Set 1) 10 reps with 6 partials. Set 2) 6 reps with 8 partials.
  • Chin ups: Set 1) 8 with 6 partials. Set 2) 8 with 6 partials
  • DB Row: 70lbs x 8, 80lbs x 8, 90lbs x 8
  • Lat Pulldowns (single handed w/ final parallel grip pull down): 2 x 45lbs x 12 reps (slow and squeeze work) // 60lbs x 12 (faster but still getting that squeeze at the bottom) // Drop set from 150lbs down to 45lbs, over 25 reps.
  • Seated Row: 3 x 52.5lbs x 10 reps.
  • Straight arm pull-down w/ rope: 3 x 50lbs x 12
  • Face Pulls (on the seated row machine): 12.5kg 2 x 12

(before starting this bicep workout, my calluses on my hands were in extreme pain. Never have a felt such a sensation, and it sure as hell wasn’t pleasant. I think it must have been from the rows and deadlifts, especially the latter as for every weight i did up until the 192.5kg, i didn’t use a belt or any straps or chalk, so i assume it has took its tole. Started with alternating bicep curls and found it too much to carry on, so i switched it up alittle)

  • Alt DB Curl: FAILED (too strenuous on my hands (i know, im a pussy)
  • Hammer Curl: 3 x 45lbs x 10 reps each hand, doing one hand at a time, slow and controlled.
  • Preacher Curl: 3 x 25lbs x 10 reps each hand, with dumbbells.
  • Machine Curl: Half stack for 10 reps. double handed.

(quickly back to the lower back to finish, supersets of the following)

  • 45 degree Hypers: 3 x 15
  • Good Mornings: 3 x 40kg x 10