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Hottest Woman Alive

Who do yall think is the hottest woman alive?? I think either Torrie Wilson or or Britney Spears. Damn, everytime I see that girl on T.V… RLTW

-When in doubt, flip it to burst.


I’m into Kelly Hu or Angelina Jolie…

just my $.02

I don’t think I could ever narrow it down to anything less than top 20. Too many hot chicks. One that most have forgotten, Jamie Bergman fro Son of the Beach and playmate. Yummy


You see that new brunette in the Victoria’s Secret commercials?


Demi Moore, Jennifer Connelly, and Jeri Ryan for starters.

Briana Banks hands down

anna kournikova, shes very hot & very athletic

or how about all of those victoria’s secret models

hard to say, so many women so little time to f*** 'em all!

adriana lima…

~karma~ soooooooo hot.

angelina jolie or salma hayek

Ask this question again when Alpha Male comes out.

Adriana Lima, Susan Ward, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, Donna D’Errico, Brooke Burke…

Jennifer Connelly, the French girl who was in The Beach, the girl who played the cheerleader in The Faculty, Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johansen…

…are all girls I try not to think about because they are so damn hot, it hurts to know that they exist.

Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, & the really tan Victoria Secret model with the eyes (y’know the one).

Britney Spears?!? Please tell me that is a joke. She’s cute, but certainly not the hottest woman on the planent. Geez!

Dude, she’s pretty damn hot, man. She’s got that little come fuck me look… RLTW

-When in doubt, flip it to burst.



Marissa Miller, and then Marissa Miller, and of course coming in next is Marissa Miller…and Marissa Miller

By the way, Britney Spears looks like a Hammer head shark, her eyes are set way to far apart. It is kind of creapy.