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Hottest Female Athletes


ESPN Page 2 is doing a poll on the hottest female athlete of 2004. As of now, Heather Mitts, blonde soccer hottie godddess, is edging Jennie Finch, blonde softball hottie goddess, for first place.

Go vote – but try not to drool on you keyboard.

I have always thought that Jennie Finch looks a little like porn star Sylvia Saint.

Gabby Reese, all time greatest female athlete uber-babe. She is the epitome of alpha woman, or what we call T-woman.

I’ve seen recent pictures of her pregnant and she still looked good. I also think the Williams sisters are hot. Women with inner and outer strength are attractive, I think.

Jennie Finch all the way.

She picthed against the Lady Sooners in their college world series several years ago. Although the Lady Sooners lost, it was the best softball game I'd ever seen! ;)

The girl has a beautiful ass, among other things.


Mmmmm. Yummy.

I voted for Heather Mitts – Jennie Finch is definitely hot, but I based my decision solely on the pictures they actually had up, and there’s one of Heather Mitt’s tummy that is just too damn much.

StromThurmond is hot.

billyboy/algore/nancypelosi/jerrynadler/barneyfife/geofferyfiger/hueyplong/alfranken/jerryspringer/jimmycarter/waltermondale/larrydavid/michaelmoore/jamescarville in 2004!!!